Giving is great, why I LOVE freecycle!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE freecycle? Well, I do. Yesterday we tackled cleaning out the closet. I have an abundance of clothes, shoes and a variety of other crap that is not being used and it is just pointless to keep lugging it around from home to home as we move.

So we plugged the IPOD in, cranked it up and went through every single clothing bin & box reorganizing, sorting and making piles of stuff to give away. N got rid of a large box of clothes, I got rid of 2 bags of shoes, 1 bag of purses, 1 bag of clothes, we found an old working electric blanket, N scanned the important articles from stack and stacks of magazines then donated them. We got rid of so much stuff!

We posted descriptions of the items we had to give away and in less than 24 hours people had come to our home pick up the things we were giving them! All we had to do was decide what we didn’t want, post it and leave it for the people we were giving the stuff to.

Freecycle is good for those in need because the stuff us free, they don’t have to pay for it at the goodwill store or whatever. This is especially helpful in times of economic uncertainty.

When you donate stuff you are helping people and if you are interested you can also get some pretty helpful stuff which saves you from having to buy it new, plus when you don’t need it anymore you can just freecycle it again. Also, freecycle keeps reusable stuff out of the dump and helps to eliminate excessive production of items!

We have received a fire pit, a grill, a blender, a deep fryer, some wine glasses, flower seeds, pots, a bike, a snow shovel, a water hose and so much more.

We have donated computers, clothes, bedding, a coffee maker, plants, magazines, books, baby food jars, moving boxes, ring boxes and other oddities. With freecycle what goes around comes around! If you have stuff to get rid of consider giving away via freecycle!

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6 thoughts on “Giving is great, why I LOVE freecycle!

  1. I love me some freecycle! It makes cleaning house a pleasure, and you don’t have to make a trip to Goodwill, freecyclers pick up. Only downside is my son has far too much computer equipment.

    witchypoos last blog post..Unsettled

  2. Thanks for reminding me. I also forget about using them. Will keep them in mind as I’m doing my (late) spring cleaning. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’ve never used Freecycle. I was thinking the other day that maybe I should but was chatting to someone on Twitter who said that Freecyclers could sometimes be rude and there were a lot of serial takers out there. That turned me off a bit.

    I always just take my stuff to the charity stuff – not that a lot survives in this house with three boys about!!

    Reluctant Bloggers last blog post..A Crap Speech on a Night of Cheese

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