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Growing Canna (red futurity)

We just bought several Canna ‘Red Futurity’ roots/rhizomes that we are planting in N’s office. These are very tropical looking and require warmth so we figured they would be a perfect fit in that room. They came packaged with Caladium bulbs and a few elephant ear bulbs.

We plan to plant our Cannas in a large pot that will remain indoors in that room, we may also plant a Caladium bulb with the Canna rhizomes or we may plant some cloeus with the Cannas.

Cannas come in a variety of colors and sizes, some grow up to 7 feet tall. Their blooms and leaves are very tropical looking and they are absolutely beautiful. Specifically Canna ‘Red Futurity’ needs to be protected from frost. It can be grown grow outdoors in zones 8 and higher, in colder zones it must be moved inside or dug up and stored through the frosty winter months.

This Canna will grow to about 3- 3 1/2 feet tall and does best in full sun but will tolerate part shade. Soil must be well drained or you risk root/ rhizome rotting. Like most tropical bulbs if you want to plant these outdoors you must do so in the spring after the last frost, they will bloom in summer and will need to be dug up and stored in the fall before the first frost (unless you live in zone 8 or higher).

The Canna ‘Red Futurity’ is distinguished by it’s dark burgundy leaves and it’s stunning red flowers that just stand out against the dark burgundy background.

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  1. Hello,, im new with plants,, and I bought a canna futurity red and I have it in my front porch in a pot that has holes at the bottom for it to drain,, I water it every sunday <<I want to make sure I am giving it enough water and what else can I do so it will be healthy.. I am also wondering if I should trim it when the red flowers fall? Thanks

  2. @laura: You should only trim it when the foliage is completely brown. It is important that the leaves and foliage are left to grow and nourish the plant for future blooming seasons. Removing the foliage too early cold result in poor or little blooms the next season.

    As for water and sun needs this plant will do well in full or part sun, rich soil and with good drainage. You could probably manage to water it twice a week if the drainage is good but the worst thing you can do is leave water to accumulate in the bottom of the pot as a result of poor drainage. This will rot the roots and kill the plant. Hope this info helps you, I would love to see photos of your canna when it blooms!

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