Have you started you holiday shopping yet?

Holiday Shopping just keeps getting easier and easier every year with the constant advancements in internet commerce! I know some people are still reluctant about shopping online but organizations like PayPal and Google Checkout are taking great strides to make the shopping experience safer and easier for the consumer.

Tonight I managed to buy 5 Christmas gifts for under $120 in less than an hour online. “Black Friday” is not even here yet and I am getting most of my large holiday gifts purchased and on their way here in my sweat pants and cow slippers. What could be better??

I used froogle.com to search for the specific items I needed. I got to compare prices, item specifics, shipping info and I didn’t even need to dig out my wallet/ credit cards to complete the purchase because I used Google Checkout and PayPal to send my secure payments.

I personally love to get all my stressful shopping done online and way in advance so that when I do decide to venture out into the holiday crowds I can actually enjoy the festivities of the holiday season and not be totally stressed out about finding exactly what I am looking for. I don’t have to wait in long lines for stores to open up a 6am, I don’t have to physically fight other women for that last item on the shelf and best of all I don’t have to rush around shopping like a mad women! All I have to do is keep checking my mail for the packages that I have ordered, when they arrive I’ll wrap them and then I just wait till I can give them to my loved ones!

How far have you gotten on your holiday shopping? Do you prefer to start shopping prior to “Black Friday” (the day after Thanksgiving) or do you wait to the very last minute? I know some people are firm believers that the best sales are on Christmas eve. Others think that if you simply just start shopping in advance you will get the best deals before the holiday madness. Where do you fall into the mix? How do you plan to get you holiday shopping done?

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  1. Since we are buying a house for our BIIIIIGGGG Xmas present this year, and since we normally go WAAAYYY overboard on budget, we put a limit of $50 on our gifts for each other. There’s nobody else we really need to buy for, other than a couple of friends who we get just little “happies” for. I found the perfect gift for my husband at Target a month ago – $5 under budget! So I’m DONE shopping!!! What a relief!

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