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He said I breastfeed like a hunchback…

Joking insults are flying around the house these days which means, we must me getting back to normal and catching up on sleep or something. The joking insults are a pretty good sign, means we still like each other enough to make an effort and that our humor is returning.

Things like “douchebag-deluxe” and “breastfeeding like a hunchback” are the most recent ones…

N started it by telling me it was my own fault I had neck and back pain… “you breastfeed all hunchback like, it’s no wonder!” I looked at him all perplexed and mildly amused by the blunt remark.

He goes on to tell me that I used to be all about using pillows for support while I breastfed and now I’ve just resolved to feeding her uncomfortably.

I responded that he could offer to bring me my pillows and to help make me more comfortable when I am breastfeeding instead of being all douchebag-deluxe and leaving me to care for Everly all by my self all the time. We both snorted and went on our merry way.

It’s nice to have some humor back in the house!

In other news I’ve attempted to vlog with Everly, it’s less than eventful (unless you like my leaking boob!) but I know some family and friends will appreciate the shared video.

Oh, Everly took 1.5 oz of pumped milk from a bottle this morning while I slept. Woot, woot!

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