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Headaches, electrolytes and fussy babes.

Everly is screaming and has been doing so, consistently, since yesterday. I am just sitting down to try writing a blog post and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was I was going to write about now, figures!

E shot more poop around this morning while I was changing her. Every time she does it I just can’t help but laugh. Now I am washing a blanket from the bed and scrubbing some orange poo spots on the carpet when I get a few free moments.

*drinks some cold grape powerade*

Ah, yes! The powerade. So I lived in hot, miserable, Phoenix, AZ for 22 years of my life. 100+ degree temperatures were the norm and I wasn’t the best at staying hydrated. I was like a camel, didn’t have to drink much water, didn’t sweat too much and could just keep going and going in those hot temps.

Now that we’ve moved to a more humid area my body isn’t so resilient! Actually back in Flagstaff I would get some dehydration headaches every now and then thanks to the altitude and the wind (drys you out quicker).

Anyway, while I was in Tennessee waiting for labor to start I began to get pretty dehydrated and swelly. My midwife informed me that the humidity takes more out of you than just water (which I’ve never experienced before). She urged me to get some electrolyte drinks and I argued that I drink more than enough water now and I shouldn’t be dehydrated.

Well the drinks totally did the trick for my swelling and got me all geared up for labor! I guess humidity can really suck the electrolytes out of you as opposed to the dry Arizona heat I am used to, go figure.

Now that I’ve been home for a month with my babe my appetite is going back to normal. I am eating and drinking most anything I want now that I’m not limited by the pregnancy. I am sure I am not drinking enough water now but recently despite my increase in water intake I’ve been plagued with killer headaches that last several days.

N had an amazing idea, we should drink some powerade to see if the headaches go away… So we stocked up and they are working on the head pain, it is crazy what a difference the humidity makes…

Of course there is the other ear piercing, head pain causing fun -> poor crying E.

She’s having another fussy spurt. It began yesterday evening, it was nice for N to get to experience it since they only seem to happen when E and I are home alone and he only sees her “angel” side. LOL.

She’s just not sleeping very deeply, she’ll fuss and scream off and on. About every 10-15 min or so. They aren’t the “I need something, the world is ending” crys. They are more whiney like “I am uncomfortable and so tired but can’t sleep”.

Doesn’t matter what we do she still dozes off for like 10-15 min then wakes up shrieking and will doze right back off again. It’s hard to endure because we want to comfort her but nothing works. She can get quite worked up too which just causes her more discomfort.

She has some really good days where she’s happy and not screaming or fussing, then she has those other really bad days. Today is another bad one, unfortunately.

So I am drinking my powerade and taking some tylenol while I try to calm and comfort her as much as possible, poor thing.

We did have some fun with E over the weekend too, I’ll share more about that in my upcoming Less-words Wednesday post though. Stay tuned.

<p>A city girl turned farmer. Yes women do farm ;) Owner and operator of direct to consumer, Ryder Family Farm in Southern Illinois.<br /> Wearing many hats I'm also a mother to 3, a wife, a yogi, a farmer, a 4-H & Girl Scout leader & hospitality manager.</p>

8 thoughts on “Headaches, electrolytes and fussy babes.

  1. I know its not my area, but maybe something in your milk doesnt agree with E? When I was a baby all I did was fuss ad cry and as I got older I got more and more bellyaches until we found out I have irritable bowel syndrome and anything fatty sets it off,such as cream.
    .-= Tanya´s last blog ..milestones =-.

  2. Oh see…I should have read both posts before suggesting more water. Electrolytes!!! There you go!

    Some days with a fussy baby feel like you’re a hamster on a wheel: you go through your checklist of things that could be bothering her OVER AND OVER AND OVER and you’ve changed diapers that didn’t really need to be changed, tried to feed when you know she’s not hungry, try to burp when you know you burped 5 minutes ago… over and over.

    Some days swaddling, putting her in the swing, turning on the vacuum and going to another room is all you can do. (I found that Hemi-Sync cd’s also helped Wynnie, but not Mack)

    She’s fed, she’s clean, she’s safe. If she chooses to be unhappy, you’ve done everything you can.

    Then one day their bodies mature a little bit and you no longer need to do that.

    Hang in there. You’re doing it right.
    .-= Hyphen Mama´s last blog ..Top 5 Things That Would Be Easier Than Potty Training My Son =-.


    It doesn’t matter if you’re “into” working through the subconscious mind bit and Robert Monroe, the music is put together to put both your left brain and right brain together in sync (literally Hemispheres of the brain in Sync). I have a couple, but I think my fave is called (I think??) Into the Rain? Or Coming Out of the Rain???

    I used to have a CD player in Wynnie’s bedroom (from birth to at least one year) playing the entire CD on repeat all night. I tried it with Mack when he refused to sleep through the night even at 17 months, and it didn’t really do the trick as well as it did with his sister, so I resorted to more deep Mala Beeds above his bed and it worked!

    If you want to delete this comment, feel free. You might not want google hits from this!! Or you might.
    .-= Hyphen Mama´s last blog ..Top 5 Things That Would Be Easier Than Potty Training My Son =-.

  4. Tanya’s comment about IBS triggered a memory of something I read somewhere about colic being caused by too much of one kind of normal gut bacteria. It was about research on using probiotics to calm colicky babies.

    Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I read it. Maybe you could ask the wonderful women at the Farm if there’s a probiotic formula that you could safely give to E?

    I don’t mean stop breast-feeding, I mean as a supplement.

    Whoa… just did a quick Google on “probiotics for infant colic”. There are tons of links. I didn’t imagine reading about it!
    .-= Donna B.´s last blog ..Transportation =-.

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