Home remedy for grasshopper control??

Okay, I need some help from all my readers!! I moved into a new place where the tenants did not bother to tend to or water the backyard area. This has resulted in the yard becoming infested with grasshoppers. When I moved in I brought all my plants and they are now being munched to death!! I am in desperate need of some natural ways to deter or kill these annoying hoppers!! I would prefer to do this organically. Does anyone know any tips or home remedies for controlling grasshoppers?? If so post them here.. Thanks a ton!!

August 23rd 2006

I have found that allowing your cats to all go outside to play with the grasshoppers is a good way to get rid of them. It’s entertaining too, ha!! Seriously though, dry undisturbed areas are usually grasshopper magnets. This includes dead leaves under bushes, dry debris covered flowerbeds and much more. So dig up your soil, rake up the debris and keep things moist, that really helped me. Also, birds are natural predators of grasshoppers so attracting birds into your yard or garden is also a great natural remedy for grasshoppers!

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  2. Two strong herbs that repel grasshoppers are cilantro and horehound. Plant either or both of these herbs around the perimeter of your garden or yard to help deter the entry of grasshoppers.

  3. Sprinkling flour all over your yard flowers kills off the Grasshoppers because they eat the flower and then become thirsty and cannot find water and it kills the off. I did this in my backyard and the next day no grasshoppers. Just be careful not to put too much flour on your flowers. Because then when you water them they become very thick and heavy to hold up.

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