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Homemade holiday gifts are IN, what are you making?

My top search terms right now are homemade gift ideas. There is no doubt that the economy is impacting the way people are thinking about holiday shopping. People would rather make things to give as gifts because it saves money.

I personally like creative homemade, do-it-yourself gifts because they are more from the heart than store bought ones. Plus I have a blast making gifts for people cause I am crafty like that.

Now since so many are flocking here in search of homemade holiday gift ideas and craft projects I wanted to take a second to suggest some easy gift ideas for you to try this holiday season. If you want to check out the instructions just click on the linked text! you have a project you have written about on your blog use mister linky below to share the link with us.

  1. Turn scrap fabric in to braided usefulness by making your very own braided rag rug. These are super easy, have tons of character and can be used almost anywhere in the house.
  2. Make a sentimental gift and clear out some closet space by taking all those stored clothing items you can’t bear to throw away and turning them in to a functional throw or quilt. Anyone can make their own t-shirt quilt quickly and easily just in time for holiday gift giving. Use baby clothes, shirts or just about any special piece of fabric and turn those memories in to a great gift for someone special.
  3. Have an environmental lover on your gift list? You can make several fun earth friendly gift items (like a biodegradable bird feeder or a shoe scraper) that they will enjoy and they’ll love that you took and interest in being earth friendly too.
  4. Have some small trinkets to give? Why not make your own paper gift box using origami? It is super easy, it is fun for kids and you can decorate them exactly the way you want them. You can even make them hang from the Christmas tree.
  5. Got a cell phone fanatic on your gift list? You can make them a cute cellphone cozy out of fabric or yarn to keep their phone protected and also in style this holiday season. Theses are also insanely easy to make and can be oh, so unique and personalized.
  6. Know someone who is in need of some new bedding this holiday season? Put your sewing skills to work and make them a homemade duvet cover or comforter. Don’t worry even a beginning sewer (me) can do this and it is pretty fun too!

Now I know you have a project you are just dieing to share with us. If you have written about on your blog use mister linky below to share the link with us. If you don’t have a link to share but want to just tell us about your project just use the comment field below to do so.

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0 thoughts on “Homemade holiday gifts are IN, what are you making?

  1. I used to sew a lot and made aprons, chef’s hats, and potholders in his/her sets for my married children (and my father and stepmother).

    One year I made boxer shorts for everybody out of the wildest fabric I could find. Nobody has asked for a repeat of that. Odd, wouldn’t you say?

    After making costumes for ballet and formals and such for years, I found I had a lot of scraps of fancy fabric. I made stuffed candy cane and wreath ornaments with those, decorating with scraps of trim or lace.

    The biggest mess was the year I made homemade peppermint marshmallows, round ones to fit the mugs I bought and included a jar of my special hot chocolate mix. Everything tasted great, but the marshmallows were ugly and I had pink marshmallow splatters all OVER my cabinets and counters.

    I really like the t-shirt quilt and will definitely make one someday.

    Donna B.s last blog post..Recycling Makes A Difference

  2. I am working on some homemade things right now. Here’s another idea for you – those little holiday poppers that are popular in England. You can just put tiny, gumball machine prizes in them, wrap them pretty and everyone gets something fun and inexpensive. I was going to make my own this year but the stuff I bought was way too big to fit in a popper. I don’t think I can make them as big as I need. LOL.

  3. My favorite has always been Christmas ornaments. If you cross stitch, there are tons to choose from – from easy to very intricate… I used to make dozens every year and hand them out to friends at work.

    Rees last blog post..Steelhead Red

  4. last year I sent everyone home made trail mix, that had pumpkin seed, dried cranberries, dried pineapple, pecans, sunflower seeds, and white chocolate chips. I made a home made gluten free cookbook for my gluten free daughter, a hand knotted and strung pearl necklace for my granddaughter, and hand made quilts for my grandsons. Dont know yet about this year.

  5. This year we’re doing all hand-made. Unfortunately, I’m required to allow my kids to “help”. It’s been a disaster… and Nana is getting some seriously ugly tree ornaments.

    I also give the kids’ hand prints to each set of grandparents every year. It’s so great to look at last year’s prints and compare to this year’s. This year I made little felt mittens as ornaments and each of them has a sparkly hand print of Mack or Wynnie. Super cheap and cute.

    I intend to spend less than $30 on gifts for the entire family and save the rest for my kids’ gifts.

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..How to waste hours of your day and come out looking like a tranny

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