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If you want another baby…

Life with kids sure keeps things entertaining! I’ve always heard others mention this but you never really understand it until your kids are blowing your mind…
My favorite line this month is…

“If you want another baby you guys can lay together and connect your parts…” Everly casually informs us over dinner when her baby brother was barley 5 weeks old at the time.

She’s already angling for another sibling, seriously!? Isn’t the madness of the one new baby enough? Besides, three kids under five is intense. Too intense for thinking about having another. Sheesh!

When asked what she meant and where she heard that from she recalled the book, My Mom’s Having a Baby!: A Kid’s Month-by-Month Guide to Pregnancy (Concept Book), that we got from the library back in the summer when the girls first learned we were having another baby. The book was more graphic than I had anticipated and I read it word for word until I realized just how graphic it was… We read it once and then promptly returned it as I was blushing and having trouble reading it to her. It is a graphic, yet very informative and educational book.

Regarding the book, one reviewer summarized:

“Numerous books are available to prepare soon-to-be siblings for the changes that come with the arrival of a new baby in the house. Butler’s goes one better by candidly and thoughtfully responding to the question many such books ignore, “How did that baby get there?” Joyous, splashy watercolors establish the warmth of a close-knit family and introduce narrator Elizabeth, about five, a bundle of energy. Her delight and curiosity spill across the pages as she explains that her mother “has a baby growing inside her” and describes what she learns about the pregnancy and her developing sib. In between, Mom talks to her about how “our baby got inside,” allowing Elizabeth to relay what she learns about everything from fertilization (correct terms are usually used) to “the liquid that shoots out of a man’s penis.” The art is somewhat more demure than the text (lovemaking is hidden under blankets), but labeled cutaways show adults’ sexual organs and the developing fetus, Mom huffing and puffing during labor, and newborn Michael smiling at the world in all his naked glory. The disconnection between the picture-book format and the informational content may be problematic for some, and certainly an adult must be around to answer the inevitable questions this book will provoke, such as, “Is breaking water like having to pee?” In the end, though, the affectionate family dynamics and Elizabeth’s ingenuous, enthusiastic narration beautifully sustain the child-centric view.”

Besides the toddler advice on how to make another baby, here are some other silly happenings of note:

While mama brushed her teeth someone found a leaky pen… and ate it?!  ->Toddler eats a leaky penSmug mess covered toddler

Here I’m channeling #Dexter as I hack up this amish cured pork shank.

And last but not least, the obligatory sleepy, cuddly, newborn Grayson shot.

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