It's all gone to the dogs….

I am so frustrated!! Landlords make it so hard to rent a home when you have multiple pets. We are looking for a house to rent here in flagstaff, az but everybody cringes when we mention cats. Many landlords are okay with dogs (who can chew and bark and dig at things) but cats are a a big no-no.

Every pet can misbehave and have bathroom issues if they are not treated properly or trained well. It can be a cat, dog or any pet. The responsibility and knowledge of the owner is what determines how well the pet behaves. If you ignore your pet the will most likely urinate around the house and destroy things, that is obvious.

I just can’t believe that landlords are ignorantly discriminating against people with certain pets based off their own prejudice. I understand protecting your investment but there are ways to do that without completely limiting all renters. Some pet owners are responsible!

If you know of any reference where pet owners can find rental homes (not apartments) please post a comment here!

If you are looking for some pet friendly hotel references I found some:

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