Laundry Detergents for gray water systems

My mother visited me over the weekend. We are all very interested in living a greener more sustainable life and we got to talking about types of “green” laundry detergents that work in front loading washers.

My mother uses her gray water in her garden. She lives in the Arizona desert so conserving water is more important than ever but she is concerned about the chemicals in her laundry detergent, she feels they are not good for her plants.

I told her I was going to write a blog about some of the tested detergent that are great for gray water systems. Some of the brands I found were:

Finding a detergent that is safe for the garden, for you and works well with your washer is not that easy. Most of the detergents I found were sold in other countries. The ones I listed above are some of the best candidates I found for those with gray water systems. If you have a favorite detergent that is good for the environment that you would like to share please post it below!

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