Laws of attraction and expectation how they shape your life.

How many times have you have you just known that things were going to go wrong? That someone was going to fail you or let you down? That as soon as you paid off the car it would break… These are negative thoughts. When you think them you are expecting something bad to happen, you have convinced yourself that doom is near that way you wont be surprised or crushed when it actually happens.

Many people don’t understand that these negative thoughts are actually preventing anything good from happening. This is the laws of attraction in action. Many life coaches, self help experts and motivational speakers believe that what you think about becomes a reality because you are willing it to.

I read a post over on today where a young lady talked about how she was afraid to trust or confide in people, she had been let down before and to protect herself she would “shut people out” and prevent them from getting close, from becoming the friend she really needed.

Reading this post reminded me that people have a tendency to become what you expect them to. I see this in my students all the time. If you think they are bad or stupid they act that way. When you see something good in them and you have faith in who they will become they start to believe it too. Sometimes people need you to believe in them so they can do their best.

We all know we are our own worst enemies.. We are the hardest on ourselves and we sometimes only see the bad in ourselves. When someone else recognizes this bad in us that we already knew was there it sometimes makes us feel awful and hopeless and we are consumed by the awfulness that those people see, we become what they believe we already are.

If you feel that people always fail you (like I sometimes do) try to remember that if you can have a little faith and hope things could turn out differently. Things wont change or improve until you do. Life turns out how you expect it to, so change your expectations and your life will change!

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  1. I am always telling my missus to think positive, she tends to look at the worse case scenario for everything and usually she’s right and can’t believe it’s because she was thinking about the negative side!
    even if I’m not feeling confident about something, I think it’s really important to try and imagine it succeeding or being a correct decision to just help it along the way to success.

    Andy Bailey’s last blog post..What do you mean you couldn’t get hold of me!?

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