Leitimate mystery shopping company

I am pretty excited about the legitimate mystery shopping company I just found. There are several mystery shopping companies that are a scam. You know they have you sign up then they tell you you’ll have to pay money for a list of companies that do mystery shopping or whatever. Like modeling you should never have to pay someone just to get your foot in the door.

Anyway, I have finally a mystery shopping company that is not a scam! It’s called BestMark and they specialize in helping companies gather incident specific service information that will aid in charting and building customer service standards.

If you have a service industry business in the USA or in Canada you should visit to see how they can help you! BestMark can help you monitor your service standards via audits, surveys and mystery shopping techniques. BestMark’s consultants are able to assist you in developing a program that is conducive to your organizations mission, values and initiatives. Both business owner and those working from home can benefit from visiting BestMark today. See what they can do for you, you will be amazed!

Also, if you are a work at home mom looking to do mystery shopping as a money maker you can apply as a shopper over at today. If you have an eye for detail and want to help companies improve their customer service this is the job for you!

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