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Live Vlog Broadcast Info: Everly's Homecoming

We’ll be doing an hour long live broadcast/ chat right here in this post to share Everly with everyone in real time (it can also be accessed here). The broadcast will start June 27th 2009 at 3pm CDST, Evansville, IN time. That is 1pm Arizona time.

The broadcast will appear below once the live show starts (old recorded videos will play both before and after the actual broadcast). You’ll be able to see us via the video box and using the chat box just below it you can chat with us and ask questions, etc.

We hope this is a fun and interactive way for us to share Everly’s Homecoming with everyone who is following it!

Also, did you see our funny test video? I was changing her diaper right before hand and the webcam was also being tested to make sure the broadcast would work. We ended up capturing a great video of she shooting poop all over me just as I was trying to slide her out of her pee mess..

My pants are still stained from it!

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  1. I thank you much for this. You might have to talk to my sons and daughters to realize what lengths I went through to get sound, but… trust me, it was worth it.

    The little squeaky sounds Everly made when N moved her for a close-up were absolutely the sweetest. And I meant every word when I said I wish I could hold her.

    There truly is nothing like a content newborn in one’s arms. Just wait until she’s two and you will appreciate this sentiment much more! (Through laughter at the two-year old antics, of course.)

    Except for the tearing and stitches which you will recover from soon (I did. They told me I had almost 100 stitches because the doc did not get to the delivery room soon enough) it sounds like you had a nearly perfect pregnancy and delivery. And I can see that you have a perfect baby girl!

    I’m incredibly happy for the three of you!
    [rq=70736,0,blog][/rq]RIP Michael Jackson

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