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Munching cat poo "cookies" is gross!

I am not sure what is so appetizing about eating cat poo piles from the cat box but our dog is totally addicted to it.

It worries me because cat litter can’t be good for a dogs digestive tract plus the process of eating cat poo somehow results in the poo and litter being strewn about the bathroom and the house (which is bad because I am not allowed to handle cat feces while pregnant) plus it just makes you want to vomit.

Sometimes I wonder how much of the poo she actually eats and how much just gets thrown about in the process. Either way poo eating is bad business in my opinion.

Yesterday while I was in the bedroom blogging and watching Desperate Housewives I heard things moving in the bathroom. Since our kitten, Gabby, was acting all psycho at the time I figure she was just tearing through the house knocking stuff over as usual.

Then I heard some major action in the covered cat box. Since 3 out of the 4 indoor cats don’t understand the concept of scratching the cat litter after doing their business I just figured a cat had used the box and was proceeding to noisily scratch the side of the box or some other area that was not the cat litter. Freaking geniuses!

So I continue blogging and I hear the cat box jostling and all that. Then I hear the dogs collar jingle and I realize the dog has her head in the cat box. This makes my blood start to boil because the cat box is so off limits to her and she knows it.

I called her name and sure enough she comes out of the bathroom hanging her head because she knows she is caught and doing something bad. I head towards the bathroom to assess the cat poo mess and I get to see Dixie, our dog, still working to finish off the piece of cat poo that is hanging from her mouth.

You see the cats eat everything they shouldn’t. Like ribbon, string and even my hair apparently because the cat poo that was dangling from Dixie’s mouth was being held together by my hair and she was having a hard time getting it down in it’s weird stringy state.

I was so disgusted to have to witness the cat poo “cookie” eating even after I shooed her out of the bathroom so I reprimanded her and took her down to her room. On the way down the stairs the poo “cookie” she was enjoying came loose from her mouth and fell on the steps. I photographed it just for you so you could share in my disgust!

I wish we had a laundry room on the main floor that we could keep the cat box and cat food in. I would gate the room off with one of those baby gates to keep the dog out and would never have to deal with “cookie” eating ever again. One day I’ll get my wish!

Great blog post for the first of the year huh? Yay for 2009! I just wanted to lighten things up a bit around here. Hope it worked…

Oh I am so taking Teeni up on the speedy meme she posted today:

Meme details: This one is from Speedcat Hollydale. The rules are:

  1. Take a picture of yourself right NOW!
  2. DON’T change your clothes
  3. DON’T fix your hair…
  4. Just take a picture.
  5. Post that picture with NO editing.
  6. Post these instruction with your picture.
  7. Tag some people to do this meme.

Here is my photo contribution taken with Photobooth on the MacBook:

I am tagging my close girlfriend, Krystal, who writes over at:, I am also tagging April for this meme and anyone else who wants to participate!

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0 thoughts on “Munching cat poo "cookies" is gross!

  1. OMG! I was so caught between laughing and gagging with this post. Only YOU could do that to me, Talina! LOL. I don’t know whether to thank you for sharing the picture or not, but I think it totally cracked me up that you would even think to share it. I’m laughing to tears now and I could just hug you for posting this and making me laugh but I’m also torn because I keep thinking I should be disgusted and not laughing. I can’t help it. Gawd – I’m so immature. Thanks for the giggles. 🙂

  2. Glad to make ya giggle! When I told N about our dogs shenanigans last night he to was gagging and laughing at the same time, it is a curious condition isn’t it?

  3. EEEEUUUUU! That is just flat out gross. And having two boys, it taks a lot to gross me out! Talking about eating things, Monkey got into a shot glass of vodka that was never “shot down” last night. I dont think he drank to much of it, but he did pick a fight with our blinds that hang on the french doors. And that freaking cat pulld the blinds right out of the wall.
    You know they make swinging baby gates. We have one for our room so that the kids cant get in and tear our stuff up.
    I’m still pretty freaked out that your dog eats cat poop. I mean I know they eat their own, but a cats?
    Bad doggy…

    Krystal McCarthys last blog post..Hello 2009!

  4. Hey YOU! You are still as stunning as ever (I had seen your choreography vids and the dance routine vids so I’ve seen you before but I love seeing you again too). 🙂 And I am loving that robe! It looks cozy and perfect for the cold weather. It’s always nice to see you and I think this was a great way to start the year!

    P.S. Boy you were fast with this!

  5. I once asked a vet why dogs do this and I was told that there is more protein in “used” poo than there is in “unused” dog food. Sad, but true. Years ago, we put a huge cardboard box over the cat box with a hole at the top for the cats…. came home to the dog running around the house backwards with the box stuck on her head!!

    maiden53s last blog post..Santa???

  6. teeni » Awe, thanks. I feel so nasty and *gasp* fat now that I am showing from the pregnancy. The books say it is all the hormones making me feel so bad about myself, regardless I can never back away from a challenge like that so I did it just for you!

  7. Krystal McCarthy » Ha! Poor Monkey. I used to comb rubbing alcohol through the cats fur when we were trying to get rid of fleas. Gabby (our kitten) felt compelled to lick the rubbing alcohol off her fur despite our attempts and stopping her. She too darted all around the place like a psycho. Our kitty was buzzed!

    We need one of those swinging baby gates. Ours is an old fashioned one that snaps in to place and just stays put. It is in the basement right now because trying to step over it when it was in front of the bathroom door was bad news. I would always trip over it and almost face plant while trying to step over it… Now it just keeps the cat food protected down stairs in the basement.

  8. Our cats’ litter boxes are in the basement, under the stairs. We have cut a little ‘pet door’ into the basement door so the cats can come and go as they please, it’s too small for the dogs to fit through. BUT some days when I’m in the basement doing laundry, if I leave the basement door open just a tad, my Border Collie will come down with me and I’ll hear him snacking in the litter boxes. ACK UGH YUCK!! Crazy damned dogs.

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Begging for Advice–Installment One

  9. We used to have the littler box in the basement, but since we moved, we keep the basement shut. So the litter box is in the downstairs bathroom. It doesn’t matter how often I try to clean it out, its as if the dogs stalk the cat when he goes into the bathroom!! And there is nothing worse then when one of the dogs hops into my lap with littler stuck to his nose…gross!!

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