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My brother just turned 21- I feel old!

Well, I spent the weekend with my family. My little brother had his 21st birthday on Sunday. I got some photos of the birthday shot we took and a video of our white trash cake and birthday candles. I was fun and now we are back home trying to get through the week- trying to get ready for Xmas. Can you believe there are only 7 days till Christmas? Gosh, it really snuck up on us!

How is your week looking? Do you have a ton of stuff to do still? Have you started/ finished your holiday shopping?

I have so many gifts that I still need to make and I have wrapping and gift labeling to do, I need to get busy!

Oh, I am participating in a holiday decorations photo contest . If you have some free time stop by and vote for you favorite photos of holiday decor and photos, it will get you in the holiday mood. The contest runs till January 9th so there is no rush to head over and vote right this min. Wish me luck too! 🙂Also, if you want to see some houses with ugly holiday decorations you can visit: Ugly Christmas Lights I laughed so hard when I saw the photos!

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