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Random tidbits and musings: "Why not…"

First off, can someone tell me why nobody has invented mascara that can withstand humidity? When I curl my lashes and apply the stuff I want it to keep my lashes curled, even when I go out in 90% humidity! I don’t want them to straighten as soon as I step out the door. Is that too much to ask?

—- abrupt change of subject —-

So while I was driving back home from teaching today I passed this boat on wheels, kind of strange so I snapped a cellphone photo. Yeah I linked to the photo so go ahead and click over to view it, I’ll wait…

As you can see it was way oversized and was taking up more than one lane at times, it also had all these people riding in the top/ boat part that I thought were going to fall out and in to my lane. This was my WTF moment of the drive home.

And why does everyone in Evansville feel the need to drive like lunatics? I’ve got my 6 week old in the car, I don’t need you cutting me off, slamming your breaks on in front of me or veering into my lane without looking to see if the lane is clear.

Sure I might be a tad over cautious these days and driving slow but my hot-pink-beater-5 speed doesn’t go all that fast to begin with and it doesn’t have airbags so I am perfectly content taking my-sweet-ass time. Go around me and don’t drive like a psycho! Thanks buddy.

—-That was probably incorrect use of the hyphen huh? Oh well, I am in a rush. No time to check the grammar. Sorry dudes. —-

Everly was looking super cute for band rehearsal today. I put her in the cute onesie and skirt her Great McGramps and McGram had made for her (it has her name embroidered on it) and I topped it off with an adorable hat because it was super hot and sunny today and I didn’t want her to burn.

Well she wanted nothing to do with the hat once I got her out of the car and she woke up… She just cried until I took it off her. Once it was off she would settle right down. I also tried keeping her in the shady stroller but she wouldn’t have any of that. She needed me to be holding her or shaking the stroller while she was in it.

That brings me to my next “why not”… Why hasn’t anyone invented a vibrating stroller? The bouncy seats, swings and even the bassinets have vibrators but not the strollers or carseats?

Someone needs to get on that ASAP! My right thigh muscle is all cramped and hurty now that I used that leg to keep the stroller moving and a shaking while she sat in there during parts of rehearsal. Oy!

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  1. So that strange boat on wheels you had to pass coming home with all the people on top of it is a DUKW, pronounced “duck”. It’s an amphibious truck that was built during World War II that transports 25 troops. There’s a lot of them in town for the Military Vehicle Preservation Association’s convention here in Evansville. I guess they’re going to have a huge parade of them today and then they’ll float down the river and drive into the LST Warship from the water down on the riverfront tonight, just like they did during the war.

    Here’s a link to the story if you’re interested:
    .-= N´s last blog ..Master Gardeners & Their Teaching Tools =-.

  2. OMG! N just answered what I was going to answer… but with WAY more details. I was going to say it looks like one of those WWII tank/boat things. Good call N!

    Everly could NOT BE CUTER! She’s so sweet.

    I think a vibrating thing in the stroller will annoy E. I think it’ll just vibrate one part of her body (ie: leg) and not do the trick. Maybe you could be on one of those shows for inventors and make millions!
    .-= Hyphen Mama´s last blog ..The theme around our house is Par-TAY!! =-.

  3. OK, I think the vibrator is a fantastic (even if “perverted”) idea, though I can see Hyphen Mama’s point about it being irritating if only affecting one part of the body.

    Y’all just gonna have to conjure up your engineering fu and figure out how to vibrate the whole seat. I’ve no doubt you can do it.
    .-= Donna B.´s last blog ..A Happy Hospital Story =-.

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