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Reflections on parenthood, 16 days postpartum.

Our baby girl was born 16 days ago. She is adorable and is very healthy. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing natural birth experience and she was afforded the best possible start in life.

The crazy thing about childbearing is that after birth they really just hand the baby over to you to figure it all out on your own!

It’s crazy to think about how little guidance first time parents get before taking baby home and how scary that really is. I was in labor for about 18 hours and then voila I am responsible for another living, breathing being and on my way home 4 days later.

I still think it all hasn’t fully sunk in for me. Sure the love and attentiveness is there but the gravity of the fact that we are now parents to our daughter, not so much. It is hard to explain really. It’s overwhelming, exciting, lonely, scary and fun all at the same time.

I am overly emotional these days. Talked to my mom and brother on the phone yesterday and cried like very 5 minutes for no reason (other than that I am tired and at a loss). I am still kind of sore and healing still.

We’ve been trying to get out and to continue our regular routines with Everly in tow. Today we grocery shopped and visited my chiropractor.

Unfortunately, Everly is still fussy and it’s hard for us to not have a way to ease her discomfort. I chatted with my chiropractor/ nutritionist today about her troubles and he had some good solutions for us to try.

We are also still in touch with our midwife from The Farm and will be heading back for Everly’s 6 week check up in the beginning of August.

I’ve also been informed of a local breast feeding support group that has weekly meetings in our area, I plan to attend the next meeting.

Basically we have many good info resources and are just learning as we go, which is how everyone does it. It’s just a trying, exhausting and scary process along the way.

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  1. Have you looked up the LeLeche League (or group). I would think they would have a website with a “contact us” page to ask questions and get advice.

    When I left the hospital with Taylor I was floored. I had no idea what to do with her. I felt the same way when I brought Seth home. It does get easier and better. Just keep doing what you’re doing…its what’s best for your family.
    .-= Becky´s last blog ..Random Rambles =-.

  2. It IS funny, isn’t it? Nothing – and I mean NOT A THING – you do in life truly prepares you for having a child of your own. One thing is sure and true – your life is changed forever – and never again will it change as much as it does when you have your first child. Books? Pah! Advice? Pfft! There is only one way to learn – go through it.

    All that said – just take it as it comes – one minute, one hour, one day at a time. You and your baby will learn how to do this mother and child thing – together.
    .-= lceel´s last blog ..Friday Haiku – almost =-.

  3. lceel’s last sentence is how I’ve survived the last 5 1/2 years: we’ll learn this together kid, hold on for the ride!

    Isn’t it funny that “the people” want you to have prenatal care and “watch closely” the development of this little being inside you, as if they can actually do much–then just send you on your way with a human life in your hands and NO HELP!

    Life is funny.
    .-= Hyphen Mama´s last blog ..Good grief where do the days go? =-.

  4. I’ve contacted the local LLL contacts and am waiting for a response…

    I guess the real issue here is how unprepared I feel and how I don’t have all the answers. Add that to her fussy, crying and I just automatically feel like the worst mother and biggest idiot ever.

    Oh and I’ve never cried so much in my life! The hormone changes are just making me a weeping mess.

  5. You are NOT the worst mother ever nor are you a big idiot.
    You have been “blessed” with a fussy baby. If she is gaining weight, she is doing fine.

    I’d love to be able to tell you that there’s a way around the fussy, gassy, cholicky baby (or whatever name someone chooses to put on the condition) but there really is not.

    Rock and hold and do the best you can. The only really helpful advice I got was a heating pad (very mild heat) for the baby’s tummy.

    Honestly, I don’t know if that really helped or if it made me feel better because I was “doing something” that might help.

    The photos you are posting are of a healthy baby… don’t be beating yourself up because she cries.

    Take care of yourself and N because you two are the most important people in the whole wide world to Everly.
    .-= Donna B.´s last blog ..I’m Back =-.

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