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Snow and ice are here but we still have power, woot!

If you read yesterdays post you know we were supposed to be getting this hellish ice storm and tons on snow according to the forecasters. Once N got to work he heard the news and promptly informed me. They said we would loose lose power (thanks Josh for the typo catch!) and that we should all take steps to prepare for the storm.

Like I’ve said in previous posts people in this town are snow wimps, snow doesn’t happen that often here and is not managed well by the city so I guess it is only natural for them to freak out whenever a winter storm is headed our way.

Anyway we did get some snow and ice, not the 3 inches they said we would though. School is canceled for many and the roads are not looking good. Many people are also getting themselves in to trouble thanks to the weather. Here are some photos I took of the conditions. Just click on them to view a larger image.

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We are still doing fine here in Evansville. The roads are not in good condition and it turns out the city only has like 12 snowploughs so we don’t expect our residential streets to get ploughed at all unlike in Flagstaff, AZ.

Oh and the storm is supposed to last several days so that means we wont get sunshine until Thursday to thaw our residential street. Awesome!

N does have to work today so he’ll be braving the poor road conditions and dealing with all the crazy people speeding around on iced roads. Everyone needs to just slow down and refrain from erratic driving! If you don’t and you hit my hubby while he is driving you are going to have one pissed pregnant lady on your case! Just saying…

Oh and my site host sucks a big one as some of you have noticed. They had some database issues overnight and my sites database was inaccessible as a result. If you stopped by earlier and saw the database server error it is all thinks to them. Get it together Siteocity!

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  1. When I used to live in WA state, it hardly ever snowed. One year it snowed about 3 inches and everyone freaked out, schools closed, no one would drive…it was crazy and funny. Here in WI, we get snow every few days, so driving in it is no big deal.

    Stay safe and warm ๐Ÿ™‚

    Beckys last blog post..Celebrate Good Times!

  2. Just thought I would help you, since I was pointing out errors tonight. In the first paragraph, you wrote “loose power” when I’m sure you mean “lose power”.

    Just trying to help you keep it professional. ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks good so far. I’m going to add you to my links list.

  3. Out here in Parks (just west of Flagstaff) much of the snow had melted from last months storms… then last night we got another 5 inches! I was in Flag yesterday and the roads were not bad.. until I got about a mile from home and I was back in the “Lost Land”. I could hardly see the road to get home – thankfully we have a 4X4 truck. I have not been able to dig my car out of the snow since before Christmas.

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  4. On my way to work the idiot of the day was the pickup truck that passed me and splashed water, road salt, snow and ice all over me as he passed. It immediately froze to all the windows of the car and the windshield. I had to slow down and drive blind for a couple minutes until the barely warm defroster caught up. I hope it was worth it jerk!

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