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So many grown adults are not grown at all..

I am continually amazed by the actions and behaviors of the so called “adults” around me. So many times they act and behave in ways that aren’t so adult, I find myself thinking about how my high school students are more mature and adult like than they are.

This may be because I take pride in coaching and guiding my students and I am so proud of all they do, it may also be because these so called “adults” never really grew up or had anyone tell them they were acting ridiculous.

Yesterday I heard about employee that went rifling through a desk drawer that was not theirs in search for girl scout cookies, in the process of the search the desk drawer was broken so that employee just left it hanging open and broken and went on about their day… When did it become acceptable to rifle through someone else’s desk in search of something that you had no right to take? Besides if you break the drawer wouldn’t you at least try to fix it?

The amount of gossiping, grudge holding and back stabbing that I hear about from grown adults in the workplace is just amazing to me! I work very hard to teach my students respect, teamwork, discipline and morals in my fine arts class.

The arts teaches so much about life to students, one of the most important things is teamwork and cooperation. So many people enter the workplace with little or no ability to work with others and I can’t imagine how these people get through life without those skills.

Most people who participated in a fine arts activity learned about how to contribute to a team, that it’s all not about them, how to be disciplined, how to work for something, how to problem solve and so much more. If parents aren’t going to teach these things then it’s great that they can learn it through fine arts.

I love my  job because I get to give my students experiences and tools that they will take with them throughout their lives. I don’t make much and my classes aren’t that big but I know I will have at least impacted a handful of kids who will eventually go on to do great things for our society & world!

As for the “adults” who aren’t so adult, grow up guys! High school kids are more mature and disciplined than you, that is kind of sad!

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3 thoughts on “So many grown adults are not grown at all..

  1. This really IS sad. I mean, I am not the model of maturity, but in a totally different fun-loving kind of way. It is showing bad ethics and a total disrespect for others’ property to go through their belongings like that. It shows a lack of responsibility to leave something damaged like that. The backstabbing, gossiping and grudge-holding are also just bad examples of behavior. I think many people don’t really grow up until later in life and some sadly never do. 🙁

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