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Some romance and wedding planning on the mind…

I have a date tonight and I am oddly excited about it all. I mean what girl doesn’t like to get all dressed up and have a fancy night out every now and then?

N works the day shift on Fridays at his new job. Team sports is a big deal in this area and that means Friday night news is all about the sports coverage, that means N doesn’t need to work the late shift on Friday- yay!

So we are trying out a fancy restaurant tonight to treat ourselves. After a successful move, nailing a better job and an engagement we deserve some one on one time together, big time!

I have also been brainstorming wedding stuff. With all the insurance and not being married talk I have been motivated to research wedding venues and try to figure out some wedding alternatives.

N and I really enjoy formal dining and want to have a formal meal for our wedding but we are also paying for our own wedding so we are really looking for ways to not go broke on a wedding. We cannot afford to pay for a plated meal for each one of our wedding guests, besides not everyone enjoys a formal sit down meal.

An alternative I have read lots about is a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres reception as an alternative for a sit down meal. Many brides have done it and it seems like an option we’ll consider for all our guests, we still want a formal dinner though. Maybe we can just do it with our immediate family or something.

I don’t know what I want, like I said before I was not one of those girls who planned her wedding before becoming engaged. All I care about is spending time with family/ friends and doing what makes N and I happy. I guess I am still open to ideas and suggestions, got any?

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  1. All I can really tell you is that no matter what you and N decide to do for the wedding and the reception, someone will be angry. So what the two of you need to agree on is to present a united front and stand firm with the decisions you make. The day is about the two of you, so do what is going to make you happy!

    That’s Travis and I had to do. There were some not-so-happy people, but they had to deal with it, not me. Good luck with the planning!!

    Beckys last blog post..The Promise of a New Day

  2. I agree with Becky… it is your day. Do what YOU can afford… the rest of the people will just deal with it. You should not have to make the other people’s day wonderful – it is not their day. I know that what ever the two of you decide, it will be a wonderful day.

  3. What Becky and maiden53 said. Extremely good advice.

    As the mother of three brides, I suggest the first thing you work on is the guest list, as the number involved is a good indicator of the cost of the wedding.

  4. Welcome to Indiana!

    One thing I’ve noticed with friends from Southern Indiana that have gotten married is that formal dinners are very rare. In Chicago, sit down dinners are open bar are standard at weddings, so I was shocked when I went to my college roommates wedding and they had chicken fingers!

    corrins last blog post..PJP Memorial

  5. I LOVE the idea of a cocktail hour with lots of people and then formal dinner with a much smaller group.

    At my first wedding, I had the entire shindig. Huge family style dinner (my ex-husband worked for the caterer while he was in High School and they gave us a break) with an open bar and the whole 9 yards.

    When I married Mr. Hot, we eloped. To a Justice of the Peace. 😉

  6. Sounds like you already have some good ideas. I would agree with Donna B. though about the number of guests for any event because that will help you determine what you can afford to supply as far as food/drink for your guests, whether it is hors doeuvres or a plated meal. Another thing to consider is if you are not the type for music and dancing, then a morning wedding with a brunch served will be affordable for more guests to have a plated or buffet meal.

  7. A nice date night is always a great idea. I only wish the hubs and I could get that going more often.

    As for your wedding, it is good you are doing your research, the more options you learn about, the easier it will be to make that decision when you need to! Good luck!

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