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Splashes, Sprouts and Zzzz Make The Highs & Lows List Today.

Today was the epitome of highs and lows for us.

On the high side, 17 month old Adalyn slept through the night for the first time since 11/12/12. Back in November she only slept through the night a few times then we all got sick and that ended because what sick baby doesn’t need cuddles and to nurse for comfort?

Then the sickness lasted over a month for the family, Adayln started walking and her vocabulary grew lots (common sleep disruptors). I am happy to say, we *seem* to be back toward the path of nighttime sleeping. This is pretty exciting for me.

Of course, I wake at 5am and relize I’ve not nursed all night because boobs get in the milk production habit and apparently don’t receive memos from baby about when full night sleeping is taking place… So I pee and go back to bed.

At about 7ish I hear Nathan and Everly downstairs and I am still loving my full night of sleep so I sleep some more…

Here is where the lows come in:

Oh gosh, oh no!!!

Nathan is shouting from the kitchen, then I hear gurgling & splashing sounds. Then Everly cries out and I think I’ve got an idea about what is happening. “It’s okay, just relax” Nathan says to Everly.

“What is going on?” Everly cries out between gags and splashes.

When the heaves and spraying subsides Nathan carries Everly to the bathroom very quickly. I join them and it’s confirmed. Everly has had her first puking experience. She’s only ever seen the cats vomit hairballs, we’ve not had any vomiting or uncontrolled diarrhea since our induction to Parenthood.

Funny thing is, after she puked it was all sunshine and normalcy. I suspect the cause was some store bought OJ she had. Thankfully, it was just liquid puke that baking soda soaked up wonderfully but it was a shocker for us all. Poor Everly was so confused and weirded out by it, luckily it was short lived and mild. We are thankful. AND Adalyn continued to sleep while all this madness was going on.

Oh, another high: After about a week, our indoor seedlings have sprouted here in the office.  With the tomato and pepper plants we saved prior to our first hard snow fruiting in the office windows, in combination with the early spring seedlings that just came up, it’s a bustling nursery in here. Can’t wait for spring!

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