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Spock- people search

Today I decided I would try something new.. I heard about a new people finding site called Spock, I headed over to their site to see what all the talk was about. Basically they are a people search company. Spock is better than the search engines because they limit their results to just people, you wont get a bunch of spam results trying to get you to pay money to find the people you are looking for.

Spock returns photos, tags that relate to the person, links to places like myspace profiles and other sites that they are showing up on. You can connect to people on, add, edit and view search results.

It’s kind of cool to search for a person and have return all the results from the web in a logical and easy to navigate page. This is a great way to find out where that long lost friend is and to find a way to contact him or her.

I have searched for people via the search engines, finding people this way is very hard and convoluted and if you are looking to reach the person via the web you will have a rough time. is perfect for finding someone via the web. I didn’t see any phone numbers or addresses listed in the people results at so don’t expect to get those.

If you were ever wondering what is on the internet about you or someone you know head over to where you can see what possible employers, friends and family will see when searching for you. Next time you are wondering about someone check out spock and see what they can dig up for you! Oh, is free too!

I made my first ever video today it is about I was worried that it would be super hard but it was actually lots of fun, much easier than I thought it would be too!! Here it is:

[youtube rBzVQQzTllA My video about]


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