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Staying positive and motivated in life

I just read a blog post over at about staying positive. I believe that your outlook on a situation can and will influence the outcome of the situation. I see it everyday as a teacher. If you expect people to fail they usually do but if you have hope in them and if you believe they are capable of greater things they will also begin to buy into this belief.

Once I heard a motivational speaker say that if you act how you want to be you will eventually be how you how you are trying to act. We are truly capable of anything we believe. Along the way hard work is necessary but if you are committed and you really want it you will make it happen.

The power of thought is amazing and it really can influence what happens. Maintaining a positive/ hopeful outlook is imperative to success. Also, keeping yourself motivated is super important.

One of my students make a remark today about how unmotivated she was feeling. She is failing a class and is not eligible to perofrm with us due to the failing class. She said that when she is motivated it all seems to work out. She admitted that she is just not motivated right now and it was implied that the motivation may be the reason she was not doing as well.

This is a good observation and it brings another important point to mind. We need to be our own motivation. Too many people are following the lead of others these days. We allow our moods and motivations to drop if the people around don’t inspire or motivate us. So, if everyone is waiting for someone to motivate them who will be the motivator? Somebody has to take the first step right?

It’s important to be your own motivator/ inspirer. Light your own fire, that way you will never have to depend on someone else and you will be in control of your own direction!

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