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The Double-Toot That Went Flat

A fun & very funny way to ask for a replacement product…

My husband wrote a letter about a defective product. He read it aloud to me this morning. I had to share it, it’s too funny!!

Good Morning,

My wife and I purchased your Double Toot Whoopie Cushion 2-pack to make a funny Valentine for our two young daughters. They were a big hit with lots of Bronx Cheers heard throughout the house. 

However, after just two toots, one of the whoopie cushion seams came unglued! It broke wind for sure but there will be no more air biscuits coming from that one. Now the girls are sharing one of your whoopie cushions as they continue to “one woman salute” throughout the house.

Is there any way you can send us a replacement so the rump ripping can continue?

Thanks in advance,

Nathan Ryder |

It’s true we did trinkets for our girls for valentines day instead of candy. The “Whoopee! it’s valentines day” valentines were a huge hit until one couldn’t hold it’s own against the 5 year old.

I’d forgotten all about it but Nathan had it handled and I’m sure his letter got a few chuckles in the whoopie cushion office this morning.

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