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The test results are in, and THEY SUCK!

This morning I got an email suggestion from Teeni with a yummy suggestion to help us conceive, ICE CREAM (you can read the article here)! A book called The Fertility Diet offers suggestions to help you conceive, like having ice cream and other dairy fat times. Another book I have been eyeing about this very same topic is Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition.

Turns out I’ll be needing to read these books for solutions because my doctor has not offered anymore insight into what is going on with my body. I got my blood test results back, via a little generic note that came in the mail on Friday.

After being told I “am not ovulating” at my annual exam by my doc I went across the hall and the ultrasound tech said I had either ovulated or just passed a cyst. They drew blood and sent me on my way to stress out about what is wrong with me.

Weeks later the result is, nothing… Nothing looks wrong with my blood hormone levels. So did I ovulate or not last cycle?  If so was it on a different day than my chart reflected because we had intercourse on that day and I am NOT pregnant! Are they wrong about my low body weight and my estrogen levels now since my blood results are normal? What is the next step?

Allow me to pause for a moment and scream…. (again this image is not mine, I found it via google images. It belongs to: http://home.earthlink.net/~regina-r/maintain.htm

So, what is the solution? NOTHING! This is why I am not so fond of modern medicine.. they don’t know much and seldom help the situation. So I am going back to doing things MY way which is the natural way. I have no idea why I didn’t get pregnant last cycle if all is working the way it should.. Maybe I was just not the right time huh?

Well, I am still charting and am paying close attention to my cervical fluids.. We are getting closer and closer to fertile looking cervical fluid so we will just try again and see if we are successful. I am eating more foods, trying to get all the unnatural crap put of my diet and will continue to look for natural ways to do right by my body, hopefully it all works.

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8 thoughts on “The test results are in, and THEY SUCK!

  1. Again, Maiden53 has a point, there may not be a problem with your body. There ALSO may not be a problem with Nathan’s body. Sometimes conception just doesn’t happen. That’s why we teach kids it COULD happen, it isn’t a guarantee. As long as you are feeling good then I think your plan sounds good – continue doing what feels right to you. If things don’t end up progressing in a few months you can always try a new doctor or have Nathan try one. But I still think it’s a great excuse to eat ice cream, don’t you? 😉

  2. See, the thing is, just because you had sex during ovulation doesn’t automatically make for a baby.

    Apparently a completely healthy couple with no issues and no infertility only has a 20% chance of conception each cycle.

    Sucks. I know.

    Still, see a second doctor and get more bloods done, preferably on set CD’s to check for ovulation.

    How long have you been trying now?

    Veronicas last blog post..Are The Mice Plotting?

  3. Your plan sounds good to me! Do what you know is right, what is good for you and your body. I suffered from secondary infertility and lost 3 pregnancies within a year trying to conceive. I had lab work that resulted “normal” and even resorted to exploratory surgery that turned up NOTHING. I, too, had no answers. I, per my reproductive endocrinologist’s advice, took Clomid to “help things along.” It took me 3 cycles to finally conceive (and keep) my son Aaron. What’s funny about this story… When Aaron was 9 months old I had a pleasant surprise–I found out I was pregnant. Breastfeeding and without a period, I ovulated (obviously) and conceived my son Jacob. So much for infertility and modern medicine. Things just HAPPEN when they are SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. I don’t mean that lightly, because it was a HARD lesson for me to learn. Life’s just that way sometimes. Stay positive! Be hopeful!

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  4. Thanks for all the thoughts and hope guys! We aren’t broken or hopeless and are still excited about all that is in the future for us, maybe we won’t conceive till be have that house or perhaps until after the engagement or whatever.. So much is in the future for us and we have no clue what will happen next.

    I am just worried that something will end up being wrong with our bodies and we will find out right before it is too late.. Fortunately we still have time to wait and be patient (even though Nathan just turned 28 today!) ;-P

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