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To Adalyn on your first birthday

A year ago today our lives changed, we became a family of four in the wee hours of the morning and many witnessed this live here on the blog.

We weren’t sure the day would ever come. From perceived improper positioning to going beyond the arbitrarily determined due date, we were all on pins and needles about how and when you’d arrive. Happily all went well with your arrival out at The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee.

I’ll admit, the fact that your birth was so public really has been my excuse for not writing out a birth story. I mean, it can be seen live so it kind of makes writing the story seem silly, one day I’ll do it for you though…

This past year has really blown by! Getting to know you has sure been full of surprises. You are a spunky one we think. 🙂 You act strong willed and pretty set on how you think things will playout, your reactions when things don’t go as expected is the evidence.

Also, you are a pro at expressing emotions (which has made for some great pictures). Laughing, crying, smiling, shouting and clapping are your favorite expressions… even pouting surfaced as early as 6 months old. It’s sort of cute and silly to see you lay your entire head down on the floor in front of you while in a sitting position to pout about something. You’ll be a great actress one day if you choose that path for yourself.

Adalyn, you are playful and strong but also vulnerable and sometimes needy. Writing that makes me think (and I know you’ll hate this cause I hate being put in that box by my own mother but…) you are like me in many ways.

At one year old you have 4 teeth and have mastered the one-legged scoot across the house using your right foot, both hands and left butt cheek. We aren’t sure you will ever crawl “properly” but we aren’t all that “proper” here, so who cares? Did I mention the strong willed part??? Because even in birth you wanted things your way, LOL. You crowned with your head (obviously) and fist/ arm poking out. You basically grabbed Pamela’s, our midwife’s, hand at crowning.

You love to play with your big sister, even in the newborn days there was a strong sisterly bond. Everly can sing you twinkle-twinkle-little-star whenever you are upset and you immediately stop crying, every time.

As for mommy and daddy, your favorite calming activities are breastfeeding, massages (head, neck, hands and feet). When bored you love to have the music put on so we can all rock out. Sometimes I hold you and we dance around in circles, other times you sit on your bottom and scoot yourself in quick circles. You love to spin!

You love your daddy and his bouncing or “flying” of you. You love to shout “dada!” or “dada, nana!”  when you hear his voice (even when you should be sleeping). It’s almost like you are instructing him to get you or feed you.

You still don’t say mama when you need something from me, your stand by is just to resort to the generic cry. For teething or tummy pain, the ole standby right now is breastfeeding and co-sleeping which is interesting because, for as independent and strong as you are in some areas you’d think that would surface in other areas, but it doesn’t right now. Daddy explains it as “having a tough exterior but a soft sensitive inner side”.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the NIGHT before your 1st birthday you actually slept through the night! It’s the first time since those sleepy newborn days that you’ve slept all night. What a wonderful thing for mommy and daddy. *tear* our Addie is growing up 🙁

Seriously, you are this unpredictable little mystery. Each day we pick up on more and more of who you are. The routines are getting clearer and we are all gradually figuring each other out. It’s been a crazy year and you’ve grown so much… Though your eyes are the same, they are deep and wise and familiar.

I am excited to witness all the changes and growth that you’ll undergo in the next year as you become a toddler. Happy birthday my sweet Adalyn!  You are the missing puzzle piece to our family and we love you very much.

<p>A city girl turned farmer. Yes women do farm ;) Owner and operator of direct to consumer, Ryder Family Farm in Southern Illinois.<br /> Wearing many hats I'm also a mother to 3, a wife, a yogi, a farmer, a 4-H & Girl Scout leader & hospitality manager.</p>

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