Visiting family in the valley

So, we were down in the valley (phoenix) for a few days to visit family after the kidney transplant surgery. I also assisted an old student who is starting her first colorguard camp this week. We have had a few interesting experiences as usual…

First, we love the coffee plantation because they offer free wireless internet! This is out first trip with the new laptop computer. We love to be able to stay connected while we are on our trip and what is better than a healthy sandwich, a coffee and some free wireless internet?

After our wireless fun we went to look at some of the new housing developments that are going up around the valley. In the process we found a poor stray dog on a construction site that was so excited to see us. The construction workers and interior designers were like “oh, yeah this dog has just been following us around today”. They didn’t really care about the safety or welfare if the dog and we were worried. After making some calls to the humane society we decided it would be best to just take the dog to the shelter ourselves because he had a tag and they could find his owners through the records. So we took the dog and dropped him off before I went off to teach at the camp. It’s funny how we always manage to find or be found by the animals that need help!

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