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Want to file your taxes for free?

I just about have all my W2’s and 1040’s and am ready to file and get my tax refund. Last year I bought a tax filing program because I was uncomfortable with my ability to file my own business taxes. This year I was looking for a free filing alternative for my tax needs.

Those taxpayers whose adjusted gross income is $54,000 or less can file their taxes for free. Also military families and families that are eligible for the earned income tax credit may be able to file for free depending on the complexity of your filing status.

You can learn more about the IRS free file tax program at the IRS free file site:

Don’t put off your taxes, even if you think you may owe money. It’s better to file early and that way you will either get a return quicker or you will have more time to save money up that you owe. Tax day is April 15th.

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