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When life gives you lemons…

… smash them into a sorry pulp, take some photos and blog about it.

Things are crazy right now (that is quite the understatement)… Our living situation saga just keeps getting more and more interesting as the days pass.

Back on January 15th 2008 I wrote “You broke your toe? Want to buy a house?” where I shared with my readers the interesting letter we received from the owners of the home we are renting. They were expressing their “urgency” and wanted to work with us to make our ownership of their house possible. Back in August when we agreed to rent this house on a month to month basis my man was negotiating his contract at work. His contract stipulates pay over an agreed amount of time and a bunch of other legalities. We were considering refusing the contract and possibly moving to a higher paying area, possibly out of state. We want to buy a home and start a family… All of this depends on his contract.

Anyway we had expressed an interest in buying the home as we were signing the rental agreement… Come January when the economy is verging recession and we are locked into another 1 year contract the home owners contact us and ask us to make an offer on the house… We offered what we believed the house was worth taking our own financial situation into account and also the state of the economy.. No response from the owners.

Two weeks later on January 31st the stove catches fire (we don’t own it, the home owners do) and we are notified that the house has a contract on it and is in the process of selling. N thinks the owners only wanted us to make an offer on the house so they could be sure they were getting the most they could for it. Greed!
So, (I am getting to the “when life gives you lemons part, don’t worry) we come to terms with the fact the we have to move in 30 days and we begin lining everything up. Found a new house to rent, will sign the 6 month lease tomorrow.. Got a replacement stove delivered, the home owners bought a used one and have been working to bust out my bulk purse order (only 16 left to make).

Last night N and I were home together and I had planned to make my favorite Moist roasted chicken recipe, I get the chicken all ready and I go to turn the oven on… Recipe calls for baking at 450 degrees, I hit the bake button and NOTHING happens!

N tries to turn the oven on, pressed various buttons, reset/ off, cook time, bake etc and the oven wont turn on… It gives us an F 13 error code. What the f? He pulls the oven away from the wall to unplug and re-plug it in, maybe it needs a “reboot” or something. No dice.. oven will not turn on, it’s about 9pm now we are snowed in and can’t cook our food.

I was planning to roast the chicken and to bake some brownies, both are not possible without an oven but we are resourceful (here is the lemons part)… N goes out to the shed to grab this old rotisserie thingy he purchased before we first got together. We wiped all the salt off the chicken shoved it in the rotisserie for cooking. Then we grabbed this old toaster oven thingy from the shed turned the temperature to 300 and cooked the brownies.

It was a frustrating night of cooking but what can you do? I considered throwing the defrosted chicken out into the snow out of anger but that would have just wasted a perfectly good chicken..

I just can’t wait to move out of this house now.. The stove/ oven replacement is used/ not fully functional and I just feel like the owners half-assed that whole thing. Seems like they just want to make a quick buck off the house and that they have no regard for anything else. They supposedly remodeled the place and did all this wonderful work on it but so much was just sloppily thrown together (this may just be my anger about having to move talking so you be the judge and view the photo slide show of the house). I just feel sorry for the poor soul that bought this little place.

By the way… you can click on the photos to get a better/ closer look at them….


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8 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons…

  1. Wow – I thought that oven was going to be decent but looks sure can be deceiving. I’m so sorry you have had to deal with all this but you certainly did make lemonade and deal with it all very well. Hang in there – you won’t have to deal with it much longer!

    teeni’s last blog post..I’m True Blue and Have a Big Heart!

  2. oh, i’m so sorry for your problems!! it seems like they just keep coming sometimes, doesn’t it?
    thank you for the lovely comment on my blog–i have wondered how you are doing, but been so busy i just haven’t had time to jump over here–take care of yourself and all in your home–watch the appliances!!!
    hope you get into a new space ASAP and it’s better than the best for you!

  3. The paint colors are yucky!! I think they were either free or bought from the “Ooops” shelf at Home Depot. I, too, think that the landlord is giving you both the shake down. And good ridance to that!

    April’s last blog post..Life IS Good

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