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Yay the insainty has passed!

Mmmm buttery toast! I am finally sitting down to relax, seems like it’s been the first time in two weeks! I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am so thankful to be so fortunate.

I knocked out 45 custom purses and they are on the way to their destination as I type this. This was a high volume order but I do well under pressure so I took it on and I love being able to work out of the comfort of my own home- even when the stove is on fire… hehe.

Today we also finalized our new home that we will be renting. The lease has been signed, deposit was paid and we will get the keys in 18 days. We negotiated a monthly rent of $950, the home is bigger and we wont have the stress of renting a home that is on the market. We got a 6 month lease which is perfect with N’s contract and the place is much bigger! I’ll even have an entire room dedicated to my business, I am pleased with how quickly and smoothly this transition had been.

Now we just have to get packed which wont be too terrible cause we never really unpacked to begin with. Oh, and the sears repair man came by to”fix” the new/ used stove/ oven and determined that the electrical panel was shot. that means a new part must be ordered and it will be another week till we have an working oven.. Is there some law that requires renters to be provided with working appliances when they rent a place? Should we be compensated for the time we have spent without an oven/ stove? Fast food is not cheap! At least the stove top burners work though.

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  1. Although it’s an inconvenience I’m not sure if the owners have to provide an oven or not. At this point it probably isn’t worth trying to recoup any money over it anyway. Look forward to bigger and better things! And congrats on getting all your purses knocked out. Are you sick of them now? 😉

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