You know it is bad when large companies are laying people off..

Yesterday (may13th 2008) N came home telling me that his employer laid people off today. I guess 2 graphics artists were let go, money is tight within to company and has been for several years.

What is surprising is that N’s employer, channel 12 news, is a fairly big company with a large number of viewers. We didn’t expect that the “big station” would experence job cuts or be affected by all the company turmoil. Usually it is the little stations in the smaller towns that go first.

Before N got promoted to channel 12 in March 2008 he was working with channel 2 in flagstaff. Three years ago, right around thanksgiving 2005, we were told the station was being put up for sale. This meant job security was uncertain dispite the fact that N was on a contract for another year with them.

If the station were to sell Ganette (the owner of channel 12 and channel 2) could include the contrated employees in the sale, they could reassign the employees to different locations or they could terminate their contracts. This meant major uncertainty for us.

Anyway, we figured Ganette would shut down the channel 2 (even though it didn’t sell) to save money and keep their prized, more important news casts going.. So we were very surprised to hear that they were laying off the little guys over at channel 12. That means everyone is disposable, nice huh?

Needless to say we are thrilled to be looking at other job possibilities for N. The station out in Evansville, IN will be flying him out May 28 2008 and we are keeping our fingers crossed that he gets the job offer.

There couldnt be a better time for N to get away from Ganette!

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