Your body remembers what your mind chooses to suppress

Okay so here is an idea I was exposed to while shopping for books the other day: Your body stores the secrets of your life. It is a believable statement right? So then I read more about the book. It discusses how we subconsciously suppress traumatic memories or events and that our body holds on to these things and reminds us in various ways. “The body has a unique memory system, in which early trauma and deeply buried feelings become woven into the fabric of our physical being.” (Quote taken from the 2nd paragraph of the book jacket, Secrets, Lies, Betrayals. The body/ mind connection. By Maggie Scarf).

What an amazingly obvious concept! Our body holds on to things that we choose not to recognize or address…

I am just starting to read this book but I have a feeling it will have a profound impact on me. If you are looking for a self improvement book or if you want to learn more about yourself I recommend you get this book!

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