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A day in the life of ME!!

This post is inspired by a similar post Paper Napkin!!

7:15ish- Briefly wake up, roll over and ask N if he was ditching work today. N reminded me it was still early and that the alarm hadn’t gone off yet for him to get up. I apologized and went back to bed.

9:20is- N comes in to tell me he is leaving for the day and that he loves me. I mumble something and go back to bed.

10:45- I officially wake up and am immediately grumpy because it is lots later than I normally get up.

10:50 – Stumble into the bathroom, blow my nose, pee, say hello to Miss Kitty in the sink and put my bathrobe on. I head straight to my computer to check email and whatnot.

11:00 – Dump 4 gallons of water in to the plants on my patio in my bathrobe. I then notice some flowers need to be trimmed. A humming bird scares me half to death by almost flying into my head.

11:10 – I decide to change into real clothes before going back out on to my patio. Then I find the garden scissors and begin trimming dead leaves and flowers from the plants.

11:15 – I have my first cup of coffee while checking more email and visiting various websites.

11:45 – Turn on my Matchbox 20 CD , turn the curling iron on and begin brushing out my hair.

11:50 – Refill my coffee and begin straightening my newly colored hair while listening to Matchbox 20 and doing some dance exercises.

12:30 – Finish straightening my hair and begin putting my “face on”. I also take a picture of my newly colored hair for my Myspace profile.

12:35 – Mr. Jack is meowing at the door, I go to see what his problem is and discover Andrew has pried open the screen door and is now outside where he should not be. I attempt to got outside and retrieve him, he hides from me so I tell him “f you want to live outside that is fine with me” and I got back inside shutting the door behind me.

12:40 – I go out the front door looking to see if Andrew has jumped the patio wall and is getting lost.. He is still hiding under crap on the patio.

12:43 – Mr. Jack is crying like crazy at the door. I go back to the patio and dig Andrew out from under crap and I bring him inside for “time out”.

1:00 – I sit down to write this blog.

1:05 – I let Andrew out of time out and begin pondering what to have for breakfast/ lunch before I got to work. I also floss my teeth while I am pondering.

1:09 – I decide to have chicken flavored ramen because I am lazy and sick of the usual eggs and toast.

1:10 – I think about practicing my flag choreography in preparation for the upcoming clinic but realize that almost all the moves I need to work on are practically impossible due to the many boxes that are cluttering the living room as we prepare to move.

1:15 – I check the boiling water for the ramen I am trying to make and begin getting into my work clothes..

1:20 – The phone rings, I check the caller ID and see it is a call from Nevada.. I think to myself who is calling me from Nevada? I let the machine pick up the call and of course they hang up on the machine!! “Guess it wasn’t that important” I say to myself..

1:25 – I open up my ramen packet and begin trying to break the ramen noodles as I dump them into the boiling water. I throw about half the dry ramen noodles onto the floor, curse myself and clean up the mess.

1:26 – I text message my coworker Dan about carpooling to work while I am stirring my ramen noodles.

1:29 – Dan text messages me back about who’s turn it is to drive today and I offer to while I am adding the flavor packet to my ramen noodles. I curse myself for letting all the water boil out..

1:30 – I post this blog entry and begin eating my ramen.

1:45 – I leave for work.

<p>A city girl turned farmer. Yes women do farm ;) Owner and operator of direct to consumer, Ryder Family Farm in Southern Illinois.<br /> Wearing many hats I'm also a mother to 3, a wife, a yogi, a farmer, a 4-H & Girl Scout leader & hospitality manager.</p>

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  1. Distractions, distractions! Your cursed yourself a lot yesterday. At least the rundown of what you did is pretty entertaining!

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