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Baby finches at 6 weeks old- an update and video.

I am posting this update on my baby zebra finches for the 3 families that will be adopting them in the near future. As of today the baby finches are 6 weeks and 1 day old.

They have been in a separate cage from their parents for 8 days now and are eating on their own but do not seem to have begun “molting” or gaining their adult feathers so the sex is still unclear.

As you will see in the video I took two of the finches are have traditional colors and one appears to have a color mutation that makes it more unique. We have 5 new eggs in the nest with mom and dad so we are getting ready to send the juvenile finches off to their new homes.

According to finch experts juvenile finches should not be sold or given to new owners until they complete their first molt and the sex is apparent. “Many birds are lost by changing their environment before they complete their first molt and have stabilized from that stress. So we expect the birds to be ready pretty soon here, maybe 2 weeks. I’ll keep you posted! Now enjoy the video:

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