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Baby updates and talk on recessioning…

I am a day behind in posting about how the doctors appointment went and some readers are getting concerned. Everything looked fine at the appointment, Tater Tot’s heart is still beating away and my blood work from the previous month came back 100% normal.

I weighed in at 108, same as last time and the nurse was pleased. She said most women loose weight in the first trimester so it is great that I held at my same weight, now the weight gain will begin. Oh and please don’t suggest that my boob size will quadruple. I know N would love it but if they do I might not be able to stand up straight. 1 cup size is enough growth for me.

The only startling news was that for the last 26 years I have been terribly wrong about my blood type. Turns out I am O negative which means if N has rh positive blood I’ll need to consider the RhoGAM shot and weight the risk factors.

My whole life I thought I was either a or b type blood but now it turns out I have the same blood type as my mom and never knew until now, nice huh?

Oh and I got some more delivery info from my doctor. She said that she would not let me go beyond 40 weeks and we also talked about the required IV and how I would need to be stuck but that I would still be able to move around and not be confined to the bed. Information is coming to us all scattered and incomplete and we are still trying to get a feel for hospital birthing options here. Who knows we may need to fire the doctor at he end if things don’t start looking more promising.

Oh, this morning N snuck out and did all his Christmas shopping for me while I was still asleep. It looks like we are both officially done with the shopping now, thank goodness. N said it was pretty crazy out on the town this morning. Nobody in our town is “recessioning” it seems. Everyone is spending loads and loads of money. Oh and the local stores reported making great profits already this holiday season, I am surprised.

How is the economy looking in your home town are people “recessioning” or fairing well?

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  1. Oh, I hope N is RH- also. I was RH- and so were my first two children, so I didn’t get the shot until after a miscarriage, just in case.

    My third child was RH+ and there were no problems. I hope you are so lucky.

    I have no idea they gave those shots during pregnancy now. I wonder why, when they seemed to work well given after delivery?

  2. Donna B. »

    Seems like it is another “lets just cover our butts” thing. I may refuse it while I am pregnant. The mercury in them has been linked to autism.

  3. Great news on your weight not dropping! As for the shopping habits here, I don’t see any change from last year, their are a few places open 24 hours now, Wal-Mart being one of them, and it is as busy at 3am as it is at 3pm.

  4. I’m glad that everything is progressing smoothly.

    The recession has definitely hit my part of the world. The streets are usually packed by this time and I’m typically complaining about all the tourist. This year, however, the streets are noticeably barren. I want to run out and hug every tourist I see and beg them to spend lots of money in my town.

  5. Talina, I’m not sure about the mercury/autism connection as I think there is almost always something else involved. Plus most of the evidence (and it’s unfortunately almost always anecdotal) pertains to immunizations given to the baby after birth.

    However, if there is any link at all, I would think the results would be much worse if the baby were exposed in utero! This is especially true if you don’t have any of the risk factors for getting sensitized during pregnancy (ie, amniocentesis).

    Of course, my advice is worth what you’re paying for it, but this is one thing I’d advise you to skip. The big risk is for your second baby if you do become sensitized with this one.

    Here’s hoping again that N is RH-!

    Donna B.s last blog post..The Snotty Doctor

  6. It seems to me that the entire metro area of Phoenix is spending money like there are no bills due tomorrow. Every store we go to or pass by, the parking lots are full. The roads are congested. FabGrandpa wonders how this could be, 7 days a week. Is no one working here?

    Karens last blog post..Full Moon

  7. I wonder if the 40 week thing has to do with your body type being smaller and they being afraid the baby would be SO BIG over 40 weeks that they’d worry the baby would do damage on the way out. I think physicians are quick to jump the gun and ‘intervene’ at every turn, regardless of need.

    Talina, have you been researching vaccines? Have I asked you that eleventy thousand times? In Colorado they’ve started doing Hepatitis B vaccines within hours of birth–not because babies are at risk, but because it’s easier to “get them all as they come out” than to screen whether the mothers are crack whores and putting the child at risk later. IF you decide you don’t want to do the vaccine, you have to sign numerous documents that get overwhelming right after giving birth. And they’ll accost your husband/partner about it if you just happen to be sleeping. If there are vaccines you want to do and others you don’t want to do, make a list ahead of time… because the first few weeks after giving birth pass in a fuzz of sleepless delirium. I have several emailable documents I can send you if you’re interested… I went MUCH more holistic with my 2nd kid than the first, because I hadn’t done enough research for the 1st and I’ve hated myself for that ever since. email me if you want me to send you some of the documents.

    p.s. I’m totally in for the cyber baby shower… I’ve just lost my mind and forgotten to respond to that email.

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..Mr Hyphen is Comedian

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