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Babys are popping out everywhere! Read some birth stories!

My internet friend Kari just had her baby boy at The Farm in Tennessee and the birth story is live on her blog. I am so happy for her and and loving that they have shared their story and the photos of their special day! Her midwife, Pamela, is also my midwife for our birth there this summer, what? I think it is great!

Also, another internet buddy in Australia, Veronica, just had her little one with midwives (in about 90 minutes!). If you haven’t already and are interested stop on by their blogs, read their stories and congratulate them on their great natural births!

If you have posted a home birth story I would love for you to enter the URL below and share it with us! I love reading them and know others also find them educational to read.

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  1. A friend of mine just delivered a baby two weeks ago. From the time she got to the hospital till the baby was born was less than 30 minutes. She pushed for less than ten. This was her second. Her first delivery was quite the opposite. Anyway thanks for the post. Home birth seems amazing and scary at the same time.

  2. That’s awesome that you know of someone who had the same midwife. That must be a comfort. This all seems to be coming together wonderfully for you and I will keep praying that it continues for you. 🙂

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