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Been home for almost a week now.

It’s been one week since we left The Farm and came home with baby Everly. My mom has been with us since before Everly was born (about two weeks) and N’s family just arrived in Evansville on Wednesday to visit and help out.

Yesterday we took my mom to the Evansville airport for her flight home. We got her through security and was waiting to see her plane lift off when she called us and said they were notified that the oxygen tanks had a problem on the plane and that her flight was going to be delayed an hour or so.

She told us to go home since she didn’t want us waiting there for over an our while they fixed the plane… Back at home N’s mom, dad and sister were watching Everly and making dinner. This allowed me to take a bath and read several pages of Twilight while I soaked in the Epsom salt and warm water.

N poked his head in while I bathed and said that my mom called and her flight was now canceled. We joked about this happening when she said the flight was delayed, seems like a replay of the last time she visited. LOL.

So, N headed back out to the airport pick her up while I finished my bath, luckily the airport is just around the corner from us so it wasn’t inconvenient for us. She stayed another night with us and they rescheduled her flight for the next morning.

N has enjoyed the last few nights of having family around, he hasn’t had to cook dinner because his dad is taking care of that. It is nice to have a few extra pairs of arms for Everly to sleep in too. Gives us the time and freedom to take care of some other things like showering without neglecting Everly.

On the other hand It’s also sort of exhausting to have so many people in and out of the house that you feel like you must “entertain” when you are just settling back in to the swing of things. We preferred to have everyone over all at once though rather than having a month or more of people trickling in and out so we aren’t complaining.

Everly is still not able to go to sleep on her own. She needs to be feeding and being held close in order to fall asleep, pretty understandable I think. She did just emerge from the womb where she was all tight and cozy 24/7.

We have found that swaddling her is key when trying to get her to sleep or nap. She often needs to be fed before napping too. She passes out towards the end of feeding time and is then able to be placed somewhere to sleep like on our bed between us or on another flat surface that is very close to us.

Every time we place her in the pack n’ play for nighttime sleep time it just results in her eventually waking and screaming her head off. It is good for short naps but not for overnight sleep, at least not yet.

We are still co sleeping and will continue to until she is older and more secure, it ensures longer periods of rest for all of us and she wont have it any other way.

When she is sleeping in the bed with us she will startle and then go right back to sleep once she feels or hears us. She doesn’t do this in the pack n’ play.

So for now we’ve got our system all worked out, we know that plans are worthless when you are raising a newborn though since it all can change from day to day.

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  1. I kept Seth in bed with us because he slept better and it was easier for feeding. But I couldn’t get him out of our bed until he was almost 2!

    Hope you had a visit with your mom. And enjoy the company while you can. I took advantage of every visitor we got 🙂
    .-= Becky´s last blog ..Excavators and Skid-Steers =-.

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