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I am a bulb addict, still.. We were grocery shopping yesterday and I just had to have another box of bearded irises and an amaryllis bulb for my garden! This is the first time I have grown amaryllis so I needed to learn some stuff about it before I got started.

Amaryllis is a bulb that needs a chilling period between seasons to bloom. These bulbs need to chill at 41-55°F for about 8-10 weeks, do not let them dry out while they are chilling. You can chill your bulb in the refrigerator if you live in a warm area or you can leave your bulb out through the cold winter so it can chill. Either way this bulb will produce a large an showy bloom that will be well worth the effort!

The amaryllis should not be planted too deep! The bulb should be “planted up to it’s neck”, this basically means that you should leave the top of the bulb, stem and clipped leaves exposed.

Once planted the amaryllis requires warm temperatures for the stem to develop (86-70°F), watering should be minimal until the stem begins to develop. Once the leaves and buds appear you can increase watering but do not over water.

Specific plant info:
Plant in fall or spring, blooms from late spring to early summer, low water needs, does not require chilling period, full sun

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my house! I love the post on amaryllis. I have some red ones that my Grandmommy had in her garden. I just realized that I said “Grandmommy.” Sorry. It’s a Texas thang. I keep mine in the garage over winter. Should I be clipping back the leaves?

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