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Bullet point Wendesday, with photos!

  • Pregnancy has caused this birthmark looking thing to appear on my back, it was never there before but my brother has a birthmark that is the exact same shape on his side. It is probably hyperpigmentation caused by the pregnancy huh? Well I thought it was strange…
  • Can everyone see on my new baby widget that I am almost 9 weeks along? My other widget was only displaying correctly in Mozilla, other browsers were showing jacked up due dates and such. I am hoping that the due date discrepancy is fixed now. Let me know if you are still seeing something odd.
  • When did Trix cereal stop being fruit shaped? I swear they used to be shapes of fruit, you know grape shaped and citrus slice shaped… Now they are just round balls of color with various flavors… Not nearly as fun in my opinion! Also, I think they taste different now that they aren’t fruit shaped and it is not for the best. It is kind of like how people only eat certain colored m&m’s… Now Trix aren’t as good in my eyes. Sad.
  • Thanks to for participating in the Comment Luv contest. I won a 2GB Memory Card on her site today thanks to the contest and am pleased. I never win anything so finally winning is nice!
  • We splurged and spent $300 on a new soft top for our Amigo that should arrive in about a week. The Amigo is our only car right now since the Nissan engine died back in early June 2008 and we had to leave it at The Ranch and move 1500 miles away. We still intend on getting a new engine for it and driving it out to Indiana but in the meantime we had to replace this thrashed old soft top. Especially since the frigid winter is here!

    As you can see the current soft top is practically useless with all it’s holes and tears. N has been freezing driving it back and fourth around town lately so getting a new, hole free top is going to be a great treat.
  • Oh last thought for you. I love cinnamon scented pine cones this time of year. They make me happy!
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0 thoughts on “Bullet point Wendesday, with photos!

  1. I love anything to do with cinnamon if I’m honest 😛

    I can see the baby widget working, pretty damn cool! If I was capable of having children (…I’m a man…) I would have it on my blog! lol

    Congrats on the commentluv win btw…and the cover! Not a bad wednesday really! (Albeit those damn Trix…)

    Dans last blog post..How I Made $150 On My Second Website Sale

  2. That is interesting about the pigmentation. Must be hormone related? Weird. About the Trix – that does seem vaguely familiar to me. I did think they were fruit shaped. OR was it some other cereal? My memory is mush. But I wouldn’t doubt that they taste differently. Lots of foods have had their tastes change when manufacturers starting substituting different fats for the animal fats they used to use. I noticed it right away in Chips Ahoy cookies when they switched. I hate to say it but some things just tasted better the way they were.

  3. When we were little Tricks were colorful little balls, like the shape of Kicks! Then they changed to fruit shaped and I think the last time I bought them they were round again?!
    N deserves a Nam of the Year award for dirving with no top in the winter!!! You guys are so crazy living were its freezing.

  4. I got the pigmentation on my FACE! It didn’t go away after the hormones settled down.

    You’ll be SO GLAD to have that new top on the Amigo! Holy cow it’s been chilly here and I can’t imagine driving around with an open back.

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