Child free areas??

Okay here is something to ponder:
Someone suggested tonight that we should designate “child free areas” around the hotel that I work at. This is because many parents allow their children to simply do whatever they please even if it is disturbing the other guests. The common areas are a problem (like the pools and dining facilities) and many people really despise the way children run a muck in their rooms (banging chairs around, stomping, yelling, etc) and disturb them.

This is a difficult situation because ultimately it is the parents responsibility to keep the children in line. However, children will be children…

The hotel staff cannot punish the family that has kids unless the noise gets really out of hand and many parents feel that in the privacy of their own room their children can be left to do whatever they want since it is in private. The problem is the guests without kids are almost always disturbed or annoyed by those traveling with kids.

What do you think about this?? Would you favor “child free areas” in a hotel that you stayed at or would you consider it discrimination??

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