Craft Shows, Grand Canyon Tours and Orders.. Oh my!!

Some family came to visit us this last week before the craziness of the holidays sets in. Nathan and I took them on a train ride to the Grand Canyon and had a blast. We were invited to attend the Grand Canyons “Sunset Limited” inaugural run awhile back and we had such a great time that we decided we should share the fun with others. We boarded the train at 10am and arrived at the canyon about 2 hours later. On the train we enjoyed snacks, drinks, live entertainment and the scenery. When we arrived at the canyon we got to enjoy the canyon, take pictures and shop.

We boarded the train at about 3pm enjoyed more snacks, drinks and entertainment and got off board about about 7pm. We got to see the wonderful holiday lights and festivities of “The Polar Express” train ride that was about to take off and it was a great way to get into the spirit of things right before the holidays. Grand Canyon Railway – The Official Site

I also had my first craft show of the holiday season this last weekend and it turned out pretty well! My Lifesaver Trains are still my biggest seller despite all the gift baskets and holiday decor I have added to my inventory throughout the last year. People are just now starting to realize that the holidays are literally just around the corner and sales are really rolling in. I am putting together some coffee/ chocolate themed gift sets and am also making up some Blooming Bulb Gifts for people to enjoy throughout the winter months.

Remember there is only about a month left till Christmas so get that shopping done ASAP! I hope you all are having a great week. Enjoy Thanksgiving and reach out to someone this week.

“To the world you are only one person, but don’t ever forget that to one person you are the world!”

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3 thoughts on “Craft Shows, Grand Canyon Tours and Orders.. Oh my!!

  1. Glad to hear your craft show went great. Those little trains are so cute! Your train ride sounds wonderful; I’ll have to convince hubby to take me on one soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

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