Crochet a granny square

I am crocheting squares for Shelly’s Afghans for cancer blankets. I thought it would be beneficial for others to have a video reference on how to crochet squares for afghan blankets. I found a very helpful site that explains the pattern (crochet cabana) for granny squares but as a beginner I had trouble understanding the pattern. I thought it would be helpful for others to have a video reference when trying to learn how to crochet granny squares.. Now everyone can crochet squares and participate in afghans for cancer. Here is the videos:

[youtube SBUqz4Moxq0 Make a slip knot]

The above video shows how to make a slip knot in preparation for making your chain.


[youtube 9a4NM1TK4Wk Chain six]

After the slip knot you need to chain six stitches. The above video shows how to do this.


[youtube esKxpvGjNbo Crochet the round]

Next you will double crochet all the way around the chain or you will double crochet three stitches, chain three then double crochet three more stitches. The above video shows a demonstration of this.


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