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Election time… where do you stand?

I am so sick of hearing everyone talk about the presidential candidates sex, race and religion. It seems more and more people think that what is on the outside is the most important. Hillary is a woman, do you want a woman president? Barack is not white, is he a Muslim.. who cares? There is a Mormon candidate, what would that do for the country.

I even hear somebody say “well who do you want to take over? The women, the blacks or the Mormons?” It’s not about someones race, sex or religion its not about what would be best for you and your pocket book. It is about what is best for the future and for everyone in this country.

If we can’t get past what is on the outside we will never end up where we need to be as a country. I understand that looking into someone’s past/ how they were brought up plays a role in who they are but how would you feel if someone disregarded all that you are because they didn’t agree with something in the past, or maybe it’s your sex or skin color or religion that they don’t agree with.

I think our leader should be someone who’s values and dreams are what we all share, we need to unite on the most basic things and determine what is really important. Sure a candidates past plays a role in who they are but how can you disregard their message based solely upon their outward appearance or a rumor about their childhood? Haven’t we moved beyond that?

This years election is a very interesting one and it will force many to move beyond the superficial stuff we get so used to worrying about. I personally think we need a leader who can inspire us, who sees what could be, who has a mission. I guess that any canadate could be those things to someone but what is best for our whole country?

Sometimes it’s not about what is best for you, it’s about the big picture and the future and I guess too many people are stuck seeing only what is best for them and their religion, race or sex.. It’s too bad that we all can’t come together for the good of our country and the future of our children.

Thanks to Bryzon for sharing his 2 cents and linking to this post! You can read more about his views and thoughts on this issue on his blog.

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  1. Its retarded to worry about sex, race, religion, or sexual preference. I, myself, am a white, male, who tends to lean more toward the right than left. The issues that are most important to me are #1. Border Security, #2. The Economy, #3 Iraq, #4 I want lower taxes #5 I want less government in my life. This is why I believe, in my own opinion, that Mike Huckabee would be the perfect candidate. Unfortunately, we will probably either have a Moderate-Conservative (John McCain) or one of the two radical liberals (the two democrat candidates). I was never a big fan of Romney, and it had nothing to do with his religion. He just did not seem very friendly, personalable, or something about him just didn’t rub me the right way with him. I don’t like John McCain because of his stance of border security, and simply I do not believe he would care about lowering our taxes. I believe he’s more like George Bush, who campaigned as a conservative, but has been anything but when it comes to the budget. Huckabee vows to get rid of the IRS with the Fair Tax, and I believe that the Fair Tax would help us much more than our current tax code.

    With all of that said, I am considering not voting in November, even though I did this past Tuesday. This is because I do not think there will be much difference between the Senator from Arizona, Illinois, or New York. I really don’t care who wins of the three and there for, why even vote. I believe we’ll have socialized medicine with them, aswell as higher taxes, nothing done about the illegal aliens, and even may even cause us to be attacked on our own soil again. If, by some chance, Governor Huckabee can come back with a big win in Texas, I’ll reconsider voting.

    Sorry to get off subject abit, anyways, yeah….you’re right….the race/sex/religion thing shouldn’t be worried about. But I do believe alot of the concern has been brought on by the media.

    Bryzon’s last blog post..How have you been? I’m super! Thanks for asking!

  2. Hi,

    This was a thoughtful article. I really do hope that we can get past all of this and elect a president we can be proud of. There seems to be so much excitement about this race, much more than in years past.

    I know who I think is the best person for the job and I’m doing everything I can to see that person in the white house in 2009.

    Best Wishes,

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  3. Reemmber the primaries are not yet over. Vote for whomever you support in the primaries even if he can’t win – it does you no harm.

    You don’t have to worry for lesser-evil voting until November.

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