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Everyone needs a little beauty once in a while!

Yep, that is right I have some beauty to share with you today. I went out into the garden to enjoy all my plants and their beautiful blooms. Here is a shot of my lavender blooms with the pine trees and the sky in the background.

lavender blooms with pine forest behind

I spotted a pretty pink peony out in the flower bed of the rental house today, I just got my own peonies in march but they aren’t blooming yet. I was pleasantly surprised to see this beauty in bloom all unexpectedly. I took several shots because I liked the shadow and lighting from various angles.

One of my favorite flowers is the gerbera daisy. I love to have these in vibrant bright colors. Lucky for me Albertson’s was selling small potted ones this weekend in the floral section so I snagged a pink one and an orange one.

pink and orange gerbera daisies

These are not only beautiful but they are unique, do you see how they are mutated and have double blooms? Kind of like conjoined twins but in flower form.

pink and orange gerbera daisies top view

See, uniqueness can be very beautiful! I hope you enjoyed my photos, if you plan to use them on the web please download them to your own server and link to and reference my blog/ me as the photographer. Thanks!

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