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I can't wait for spring! Need to garden, bad!

About this time every year I am overcome by the urge to begin gardening again. Unfortunately I cannot because there is still snow on the ground and the soil is still hardened by the frost. Like many other gardeners I fill this time with plans for my garden, I start thinking about what I need to plant, what is still in the ground and what new stuff I will buy.

I have been specifically told not to buy any plants or bulbs till after my birthday (which is march 20th), I think I’ll be getting some gardening goodies! Anyway, I am taking an inventory of all I have going right now and I have been wanting to make up a handy cheat sheet for myself with my plants needs and care information that way I am reminded of what I need to do and I don’t kill some of my more tender bulbs & plants.

I had some lovely Dahlias growing during the summer and I am just now realizing that I forgot to dig all of them up before the frost came… They are ruined now! So, obviously I need some reminders about my gardening and maybe I can share my cheat sheet with you here if you want.

I am wondering what kind of gardening you do (if any), what hardiness zone are you in and what is your favorite plant?

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  1. I am the most un-garden person you will ever meet…can you make a trip to my town to make my yard all pretty and stuff. I know my neighbors must talk about me since I’m the only one that doesn’t have all kinds of pretty flowers and such outside…who knows maybe this year I might do something…???

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