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I missed blog for choice day…

bfc_day_button_200.jpgI read about blog for choice day over at Sleepless Nights and am sad I missed “the day”, better late than never right? So here I go!

I am a very pro choice and cannot believe that so many are okay with giving up their freedom to choose. Freedom is what this country was built upon but with freedom comes responsibility.

I have never aborted a pregnancy and probably never will but that doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t have the right to.

What if a woman or girl was raped and became pregnant? Should she have to carry and deliver the child against her wishes? What if a life altering disease will be passed on to the unborn child from the mother at birth? What if the unborn child already is sick and will not live to be a toddler? There are a number of varying situations where abortion could be considered the better alternative for a particular person…

Every person should have the right to choose what is best for them based on their own morals and their situation. Just because it is right for you doesn’t mean it is right for the next person. That is the beauty of freedom and diversity.

My point is that our country is full of diversity, everyone has their own situations and circumstances and forcing one choice or way of thinking on to everyone is just ignorant.

Women will still abort unwanted pregnancies even if it’s against the law. They will put their lives and possibly the lives of others in danger if they feel they need to abort the child. Do you think this is better than clinical abortions? Trust me it will be more inhumane if they have to take matters into their own hands and they will if you force them!

Trapping people or forcing them to act out what you believe is best will not make things better, it will make them worse. If we are so upset about abortion why not go to the root of the issue?

Most hate abortion because it has been used as a convenience to those who were irresponsible and careless but instead of banning the end result we could could focus on the issue that started it all- sexually irresponsibility.

Like I said with freedom comes responsibility, some are irresponsible so what should we do? Take away the freedom or teach responsibility? I don’t know about you but I am fighting for my freedom of choice!

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0 thoughts on “I missed blog for choice day…

  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, so I visit your site. I scratch your back, you shave mine. You CAN pee standing up but you have to practice for a couple of weeks. Your pro choice but to a certain point right?? You don’t believe killing a 60% formed baby is ok do you? YOu blog made me think….I guess I am more pro life than pro choice but i think it is ok as long as the baby fetus does not look like a baby, you know what I am saying? Great blog. I will visit again.

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  2. T- I believe that you are right… whether or not a woman would have the abortion, she still MUST have the choice. The choice to decide how she will live her own life… not her neighbor’s, sister’s mother’s, etc life – but her own. I, also, believe that she MUST use her right to be responible – even before the conception begins. But as in Flagstaff (And I am sure MANY other cities) the pro-lifers have to block the driveway, the doors and the woman’s CHOICE to use her right to being responsible for her own body and life. Many people for many years have fought for those rights but the pro-lifers think that their way is THE way. I wish the pro-lefers would support the pregnant girl, adopt some of the unwanted, do something responsible to alleviate the problem – not make it worse. We should be able to feel empowered to use our right to be responsible for our own bodies – our right to choice.

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  3. tax dollars for abortion/birth control…. or the tax dollars can be used for welfare to feed, clothe and medical care for each child until 18 yrs old. And in some cases, penal “reform” because the mother was just not ready for parenthood. Yes, it is good that the medical care in USA is clean and professional.. not the kitchen jobs of yesteryears.

    April’s last blog post..We?ve been tagged!

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