I still have it and my students rock!!

Now I know you are all excited to see how last nights performance went huh? When the 26 year old dance teacher performs with the students everyone wants to watch just to see if she will make an a$$ out of her self huh? Wait, no that is just how I think about myself! Oops.

The performance went well, better than expected once again! I work with a group of amazing young ladies who have a knack for “bringing it” when it is most important. They rock and it makes my job such a pleasure (so much that I can perform with them!). So here is the video from last night, can you spot me?

Check out this video: SHS May 2008 Performance

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5 thoughts on “I still have it and my students rock!!

  1. Of course you still have it – goodness you are still so young – can’t tell the difference between you and the kids except for the blue legwarmers. LOL.

    The choreography is great and I really enjoyed watching these routines. Nice job everyone! Hugs all around. 🙂

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