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Infographic: The Straight Poop & Musings on toilet training

I’m elated! Adalyn has had two dry nights in a row! Yep, this is a post about toilet learning.

Adalyn has been on the road to being diaper free for quite some time. She’s 2.5 years old now and is mostly dry and clean during the day. She’s only had a few accidents while out and about and those were mostly our fault :/

During the day here at home she has this bad habit of holding her pee till she can’t hold it anymore… then she has accidents on the sprint to the potty once she’s realized she CAN’T hold it anymore.

Everyone is always surprised when the topic of toilet training comes up. Everly was a diaper free, toilet expert at two years old. Adalyn is following the same trend but her nighttime toilet learning has been slightly less speedy. I’ve always thought their toilet readiness and the speed at which they were potty trained has TONS to do with how they were diapered. Back in April 2009 I began building my “fluffy stash” and the same batch of cloth diapers has remained in rotation since. Right now Grayson is rocking the cloth diapers like a champ!

So, is there really ruth to the idea that cloth diapered kids toilet train faster and easier? I’ve got no first hand knowledge since we’ve always used cloth but this infographic seems to tout the same thing:

Now, I’m interested to see if toilet training a boy is much different than how my girls have been. I already know that I’m not an expert at assisting a boy on the potty, heres hoping I master the skill in the future.

What are your toilet training musings or tips?

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