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Just another post written in the wee hours of the morning…

Patience is not my best attribute right now! It is 4am. The dog woke me by scratching the door, she is sleeping outside along with one of our cats.

You see, we are now living in the new place and we’ve got white carpets throughout the whole place. The backyard is a swamp since it’s been so wet and stormy this week, so that means muddy dog paws to contend with.

Plus, both the dog and cat have had some newly developed bathroom/ behavior issues since we’ve moved from Arizona and basically I don’t want ANY animals with house training or behavior issues in the new place, period. I want to keep this place accident free and I am sick of cleaning up messes.

That being said we’ve exiled the dog and one of the cats to the outdoors. They’ve got shelter of course but they down right refuse to use it (either out of stupidity or sheer pigheadedness). Either way it is damn annoying to be sleeping soundly after two exhausting days of 12+ hours moving, to be awoken by muddy paws scraping the door and jiggling the door knob.

Plus Hailey, the outside cat is meowing incessantly! Apparently I am a light sleeper these days because all this pawing and meowing is making my blood boil. Add that to the ceiling fan that has completely dried out my sinuses and I am wide-freaking-awake, uncomfortable and pretty pissed.

I don’t want to be dealing with these animal issues anymore, they are just too damn needy and finicky. I am so over it! They need to just adapt and adjust already…

At the old place there was a huge garage in the back yard and a covered carport for the dog and cat to take shelter in. Here at the new place the garage is not assessable through the back yard (it is way smaller and packed to the max with boxes) and there is no covered carport.

This means the exiled animals only have an uncovered deck, yard and their shelters to resort to. This apparently isn’t good enough for them as they are both doing everything they can to get let inside. It’s not going to happen guys so just give it up already, please…

It is funny how much my demeanor has changed since I’ve become pregnant. I used to be way more patient with the animals, now I am like “You can’t behave, you’re so voted off the island! Goodbye.” It might be good instinct kicking in… since I’ll soon have way more to on my plate with a newborn.

Dealing with problem animals is just not going to be a priority and there wont be time for it anyway. On the other hand I could just be going through a super bitchy phase as a result of hormones. I don’t know really.

Either way it is 4am. I AM exhaused and would love to sleep but I just can’t ignore all the stuff going on around me like N can. So I get up and deal with it and blog about it and try to find things to do that wont wake him.

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  1. I agree. When I had josh, we had a cat that I had gotten my daughter, we had him for five years and I LOVED him, but he hated josh and would pee on everything, starting with the carpets and any towels left on the floor, then when that didn’t get him results, he started peeing on my beds. Sometimes, as much as we love our animals, we need to remember they need attention and should be inside pets. Your life is about to change and now might be a good time to find them homes where they can be pets. Hope that didn’t sound mean? I don’t mean it too….I’ve just been there and if you don’t want the animals as pets then they should go now before the baby comes.

    Judis last blog post..To Make You Feel Special

  2. I agree, it seems like time to try finding a new home for those pets who cannot adapt to the new circumstances of our lives.

    We’ll probably give it a few more days since we have only had 2 days for them to try to adjust and all. We’ll see how it all unfolds.

  3. Hopefully the animals will adapt. It may take them some time. And I’m sure that they can sense something is different with you.

    I hope that you are able to start getting some rest. Its hard to get comfortable and sleep in the last trimester…which is sad since that’s really when you need your rest!

    Did you ever get your iron question answered?

    Beckys last blog post..Dams Gonna Break Soon

  4. We just got a new puppy, and I am soooo thankful for hardwood floors, I couldn’t fathom carpets and puppy accidents! The place looks fantastic (I watched your tour/video), I love how much light you get with all those windows! Of course, that many more windows for little pet eyes to peer in with,, hehehe

    Loris last blog post..

  5. I’ve told you before how my dogs regressed and acted like they’d never been potty trained when I had Wynnie. We ended up having to crate the dogs at night again after a while, because I COULD NOT STAND the issues they were causing in the night. Even now, 5.5 years later, sometimes when they get freaky again, they have to be put in a bathroom at night.

    When I was pregnant with Mack, my cats ended up being locked in the basement (which is where their litter boxes and food/water was anyway) during the night because they’d keep me up. I was so infuriated at 2am, 3am, 5am when they’d jump on my feet or cry out and wake me up. They ended up adapting really well to basement sleeping, and each night around 10pm, I’d herd them downstairs and they came to expect it and didn’t mind.

    I also contacted somebody to help me with my dogs when Wynnie was about 18 months. She said it’s very common to have to re-potty train dogs after a major life change like moving or bringing a baby home.

    Hyphen Mamas last blog post..In the land of Google… you’re never alone

  6. Hyphen Mama »

    I didn’t know this! I’ll pass the info on to N, he is responsible for the dog. It is his baby.
    I know why they are having issues and I feel bad for being such a bitch about them but the reality is I don’t have the time or energy to remedy things with them and I know I’ll have even less time and energy once Tater is here.

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