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Life transitions are underway and we enjoy the fruits of our labor.

I wanted to write about all the exciting stuff that is in the near future for us, things like wedding dresses, possible acreage and growing families… but today I really need to tell you this.

Adalyn went to be for the first time last night, without me. In all her almost 2 years of life mommy has put her to sleep by breastfeeding but circumstances have changed and she’s now much more eager to do big girl things like reading a big kid story with her big sister and daddy. So, when asked if she wanted to nurse, because she was already firmly planted in her sister’s bed with a bedtime story- she told me no and meant it.

So, I went kissed the girls and said goodnight, then went up to take a hot bath and read my book while Nathan handled story time and the tuck ins…

And it worked!

We’ve gone from the days of emotional roller coasters and non-stop toddler nursing to having this well adjusted, almost-two-year-old that is sort of self weaning now. In perspective, she pretty close to the age when her sister did the same thing. Everly was about 16 months, Adalyn is 21 months.

Oh and it’s strawberry picking season! Over the weekend we took the girls to a local strawberry patch that doesn’t spray their berries with chemicals. We picked 20 pounds of strawberries to preserve and enjoy. We’ve also got our own 2-8 foot patch of strawberries that we are picking each morning.

Everly is very serious and particular about her strawberry picking, she picks em just as they begin to ripen so the potato bugs don’t get them first. Adalyn isn’t as particular and often picks green ones just for the fun of picking strawberries. It’s nice to see the girls so involved in the garden that feeds us for much of the year and I think they have some good fun in there too.

Garden update: Our raspberries are already set on the bush and ripening as are our blueberries. Blackberries are flowering now and grapes are also setting on the vines. Garden fruits are our favorite to grow and harvest!


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